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Trans Activists Re-Make Rainbow Flag to Include Sex Workers and Intersex People

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When insanity goes wild, the rainbow flag you see above is what we end up with. In recent years, there has been a trend to continue adding endless “marginalized” groups to the rainbow flag as some kind of symbol to stand against “white supremacy.” Originally, the rainbow flag was a symbol of “pride” that queers would gather around in solidarity as a means to deaden their conscience against their depraved lusts of the flesh that were seen as taboo in a normal, sane society.

Today, though, there continue to be more and more letters added to the alphabet soup of the LGBTQ+ movement and more colors to the rainbow flag. In recent years, blue and pink stripes were added to the flag to celebrate people who believe that they can choose whatever gender they want to be as well as brown and black stripes to celebrate the aberrant “black lives matter” movement.

But now, the queer activists are adding even more sinister symbology to the hate flagโ€”they’re adding symbols to support prostitution and intersex people.

In a Twitter thread, one activist explained:

Did you know? This year, [Lukas Berredo] adapted the amazing Progress Pride flag versions developed by [Jason Domino] and [Valentino Vecchietti]. This design includes both the intersex flag and the red umbrella.

The intersex flag was created by [Morgan Carpenter] of Intersex Human Rights Australia in 2013, and is globally used by the intersex movement today. The red umbrella was first used by Slovenian artist Tadej Pogacar in 2001, and is a symbol of sex workers’ rights around the world.

In 2020, sex-worker rights and PrEP advocate [Jason Domino] included the red umbrella as a way to include sex workers across the globe. In 2021, [Valentino Vecchietti] of Intersex Equality Rights UK adapted the Pride Progress flag design to incorporate the intersex flag.

For those who don’t know, PrEP is a drug that allows homosexuals to sodomize each other without protection and supposedly helps prevent the spread of HIV. Imagine being a black or brown person and being lumped together on a flag that promotes such filth. The flag should be known as the “hate flag” as it represents nothing but hatred toward people who are straight, white, conservative, or Christian.

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