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White Wisconsin Church Puts on Bewildering Display of Self-Flagellation in Mock Game of “Antiracist Jeopardy”

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The flagellant movement was a widespread phenomenon that emerged in Europe in the 13th century, characterized by groups of believers who engaged in public acts of self-flagellation as a form of penance for the perceived sins of society. These groups, known as flagellants, traveled from town to town, performing elaborate rituals in which they whipped themselves and each other in public as a means of demonstrating their devotion and seeking absolution for their own sins.

The flagellant movement was fueled by a sense of crisis and fear that arose in Europe in the aftermath of the Crusades, as well as the widespread devastation caused by the Black Death, a devastating pandemic that swept across the continent in the mid-1300s. Many people saw the suffering and death of the time as a punishment from God, and the flagellants believed that their acts of self-inflicted pain could help to appease God’s wrath and bring about an end to the suffering.

That’s the best description I can come up with to define the modern “anti-racist” movement that is pervading the American Church right now. And while the far-left churches are putting on the clearest and most unabashed displays of self-flagellation for their sin of being white, it isn’t just confined to these progressive religious bodies. It has begun to creep its way into mainstream Evangelicalism and even some of the more conservative Reformed churches.

But the following example exceeds anything I’ve seen in modern history. In fact, it’s quite cultish and eerily similar to what was seen in the flagellant movement.

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Unitarian Universalist Church West, a false church in Brookfield, WI, recently put on quite a display of lunacy when they spent their Sunday morning not lifting up the name of the Risen Lord exalting Him in worship and praise, but instead, playing a mock game of “Anti-racist Final Jeopardy” that exploits people and divides them among racial lines calling on white people to become subservient to black people.

Brookfield, WI is a neighborhood right next to Waukesha, WI, where Darrell Brooks, a black man, drove his SUV through a Christmas parade killing multiple white people just over a year ago.

The Bible makes it clear that all sin is equally offensive to God and that every person is in need of His mercy and forgiveness. The idea that one race is somehow more culpable or responsible for the sins of the past is a baseless and untenable proposition that has no basis in the teachings of the Christian faith.

It is also worth mentioning that the concept of “white privilege,” a nebulous and contentious concept, has been debunked by numerous intellectuals and scholars, not to mention the entire concept is incompatible with God’s revelation to man. While it is true that certain groups have experienced discrimination and adversity throughout history, it is not fair or productive to ascribe blame to an entire race for the actions of a few individuals.

It is beyond belief that anything calling itself a church would have the audacity to host such a ridiculous and absurd event, a veritable orgy of self-abasement and self-hatred. Being a church this white, this is beyond even the basic virtue-signaling of the woke left—this kind of masochistic spectacle is a blatant affront to the principles of the Christian faith and does nothing to further the cause of racial unity.


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