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Anglican Primary Schools are Now Teaching Transgender Ideology to 8-Year-Old Children

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The Anglican Church, an apostate denomination that can’t figure out whether or not men sodomizing each other is an act of rebellion against God and His created order, is the denomination of The Gospel Coalition’s resident gay priest, Sam Allberry. The Anglican Church and its various sects have been given to various degrees of apostasy yet the Anglican Church in England (CofE) appears to be at its point of total breakdown.

Earlier this year, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, argued in front of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the government should push forward with its ban on what secularists have dubbed “conversion therapy.”

“Conversion therapy” is a catchall phrase that encompasses a wide set of practices and beliefs ranging from a secularized brute-force method attempting to change one’s sexual desires by exposing them to erotic stimulation to biblically-based counseling, prayer, and preaching. It is the latter that has the secularized world up in arms, though, and it is the latter that activists are calling on governments around the world to put a stop to.

According to the Christian Institute, Williams joined a host of other religious leaders in Britain calling on the government to include “transgenderism” in its proposed legislative ban on conversion therapy by signing a letter penned by LGBT activist Steve Chalke to Boris Johnson.

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“To be trans is to enter a sacred journey of becoming whole: precious, honoured and loved, by yourself, by others and by God,” the letter read.

It appears that the Anglican Church’s commitment to trans-ideology has only increased since then as they are now pushing it on 8-year-old children in church-run primary schools. According to a report at Christian Concern, “A Church of England (CofE) primary school has justified secretly teaching 8-year-old children that they can be born in the wrong body and encouraged the idea that 3-year-old’s can declare themselves as ‘non-binary’ to their parents.”

“Parents, Calvin and Nicola Watts, who are being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, have been forced to remove their children from St Michael’s Church of England primary school in Tenterden, Kent, after discovering that their 8-year-old child and classmates were being given extreme teaching on gender identity,” according to Christian Concern.

According to the report, after the parents complained and withdrew their children, the school did not rule out future indoctrination of transgender ideology. A YouTube video of a book that was read by Nana Ceecee of a book called It feels good to be yourself: a book about gender identity, by Theresa Thorn, was shown to the children without parental knowledge or consent. According to the report, the book:

promotes the idea of children being “both a boy and a girl”, or “neither a boy nor a girl”, or “non- binary”. It says that people “guess” about a baby’s gender when they are born. It also suggests that: “You might feel like your gender changes from day to day or from year to year.”

The book opens with the character ‘Ruthie’ who is described as a ‘transgender girl’ and says that ‘she’ was born a girl, despite being biologically male.

Ruthie’s brother ‘Xavier’ is described as a ‘cis-gender boy’’ and it adds that ‘there are so many different ways to be a boy or a girl, too many to fit in a book.’

The book affirms and encourages the idea that: “Your gender identity might not match what people thought you were when you were born. When you were born you couldn’t tell people who you were or how you felt. They looked at you and made a guess. Maybe they got it right, maybe they got it wrong.”

In conclusion it states that: “Ruthie was five when she told her parents they had got her gender identity wrong’ and ‘Xavier was three and a half when he told his family he likes being a boy. You might feel like your gender changes from day to day.”

Below is the video that was shown to these children:

This should demonstrate the disarray that the professing Church around the world is currently in. It isn’t just the Anglicans who are apostatizing, the vast majority of major denominations around the world are already somewhere along the path to apostasy. The professing Church has become little more than a spiritual prostitute that seeks to appease the carnal desires and pursuits of the world. The book of Hosea is a concrete illustration of what God thinks about that—He will not be mocked.


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