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The Chosen is Offering a Free Trial to an App That Lets You Pray With Their Cast Members

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This is not a joke. This is literally the advertisement I got in my email today. To get a free three-month trial to a prayer app that will allow me to pray with the cast of The Chosen.

What has become a favorite among non-discerning Evangelicals is actually rank heresy. The Mormon cult, known as the Latter Day Saints, is behind the television series called The ChosenThe Chosen is actually an American fiction tale that revolves around the theological heresy of Mormonism yet Evangelicals without discernment eat it up like it’s the greatest thing to hit the television market since, like, ever.

And despite the fact that the television series pushes Mormon heresy all throughout, we see Evangelical churches lining up in droves to watch it. But you don’t just have to stick to watching it—now you can pray with Mormons, Mormon sympathizers, and members of all sorts of various sub-Christian sects.

If you join, here’s what they say you will get:

Join Advent #Pray25 and dive deep into scripture to meditate on the journey to Christ’s birth, starting with Adam and Eve, to Moses, David, Ruth, and Mary. 

  • Meditate on the Gospel of Matthew and the beginning of the Gospel of John with the actors who portray Matthew and John the Apostle in The Chosen.
  • Journey to the nativity through imaginative prayer with the actress who portrays Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, as you place yourself in the scene at the nativity.
  • Discover beautiful, peaceful music, including some incredible new Christmas music from the Sistine Chapel Choir. 
  • Experience peaceful meditations and prayers to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental health. 
  • Grow closer to God with prayers alongside folks like Mark Wahlberg, Mario Lopez, Christy Carlson Romano, and Jrue Holiday.
  • Fall asleep to beautiful Sleep meditations and Christmas Bible Stories. 
  • Discover the #1 Christian podcast, The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz.
  • Build a habit of prayer with daily Gospel readings and reflections.

And Jonathan Roumie, the practicing Roman Catholic who plays “Jesus” in The Chosen, saysHallow has been transformative not only for me but for so many others. There’s something for EVERYONE – meditations, prayers, music, the saints – making it impossibly easy to pray more!

You know what? I think I’m going to sit this one out.


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