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Montana Missionaries Assaulted, Arrested, and Thrown in Jail

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What you are about to read is a harrowing account.

An account (full testimony) containing intricate details concerning five missionaries who were walking across America whose walking route then brought them to Montana (after 5500 miles) to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ peacefully, gently, and with respect as they walked many miles. On November 12, 2022, these same missionaries Jesse Boyd, his 18-year-old daughter Bethany Boyd, 12-year-old son Josiah Boyd, and mission partners Eric Trent and Carter Phillips were assaulted, arrested, thrown in jail, and taken by CPS.

“We have been privileged to serve Christ in more than 40 countries and in some of the most remote and farthest corners of the earth. We aren’t novices. We aren’t naive little missionaries. We aren’t inexperienced and without discernment. And we certainly aren’t homeless vagabonds like the prosecutor suggested to the judge in the zoom court.”-Jesse Boyd

In true ‘Apostle Paul’ and ‘John Bunyan’ (Author of “Pilgrims Progress”) type fashion Jesse Boyd penned his testimony as truthfully and accurately as possible and to the best of his ability while he sat in solitary confinement.

As a prelude to “The Assault” and “The Attack” you can read excerpts (below) from Boyd’s testimony which are eye opening and astounding.

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“He then put his vehicle into park and said, “I’ll show you.” He seemed to be reaching for something and then got out of the driver’s side and very aggressively came toward me from around the front of his vehicle, a distance of about 20 feet. In that moment, I took his threat seriously and concluded that he was an imminent danger to me and my son standing nearby. I didn’t know or see what he reached for in his vehicle but feared in that instant that it could be a gun or some sort of weapon.”-Jesse Boyd, “The Assault”, Part 1

“The assailant got out his phone and dialed 911, openly bragging that he knew the sheriff and that we were in trouble. I heard him tell the dispatcher that he had been assaulted by a group of people. At this point, I feared leaving the scene with law enforcement now involved. The 911 dispatcher asked him if the “attackers” were still there. He said, “Yes.” I replied loudly, “Yes, I am here Ma’am, but I am the victim, and we will wait for law enforcement to arrive.”-Jesse Boyd, “The Assault”, Part 1

None of his claimed “injuries” came from any use of the Cross or the flag. The flagpole could be broken over someone’s knee, and we have to be careful about letting the Cross fall to the ground because we have chipped and cracked it several times. We have had to repair it on many occasions.”-Jesse Boyd “The Arrest” Part 2

The assailant made very clear threats of bodily harm that I was forced to take seriously on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere. He showed aggression in his car. He got out of his car after I told him we were leaving. He aggressively ran toward me after I told him we were leaving. He made physical contact after we told him we wanted to leave. He threw the first punch after the firearm had been put away and after we again told him we desired to leave. He threw the first punch. He tackled me to the ground. He later tried to attack Eric. And, he continued to threaten us with bodily harm and even death after we had dealt with him and up to the point he called 911.”-Jesse Boyd “The Arrest” Part 2

To read Boyd’s full testimony see HERE


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