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Prominent ELCA Ministry Compares a Queer Polyamorous Relationship to the Trinity

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Queerdom, or living a life of sexual anarchy and rebellion against God, is one thing. But when you cross into the territory of comparing your sexual malfeasance to the triune God and Creator of all things, you’re in serious trouble. Much worse than if you’d just kept your mouth shut about God. Don’t get me wrong, your sin without repentance will still land you a place in Hell, but dragging the name of God into your sin to try to justify it will cause a greater judgment (Revelation 20:12) according to your works of evil.

Extraordinary Luthern Ministries, or ELM for short, is a prominent pro-LGBTQ ministry within the Evangelical Luthern Church in America (ELCA). ELM, according to its website, seeks to be “an anti-oppressive organization. In particular to our own histories and contexts, we recognize the need to be particularly committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-ableism” and ” stand in solidarity as allies and active participants in other anti-oppression movements.” Among the “oppressed,” in ELM’s view, are the sexually immoral.

ELM recently shared an “anonymous” story of a polyamorous queer sex triangle and compared the relationship to that of the Trinity. In a Facebook post, ELM wrote:

We’ve decided to share this anonymously because ELCA policy would endanger the call of a person in a polyamorous, or ethically nonmonogamous relationship. And yet these relationships can be beautiful examples of the love and care of a Triune God who is relationship. So, we invite you to read the following with an open heart for where the Spirit might be leading the Church.

Besides the fact that this assertion is completely blasphemous, it’s also absurd. To suggest that the relationship between the members of the Trinity is in any way comparable to that of a rebellious, self-gratifying sexual relationship should cause your jaw to drop. It’s disgusting. And make no mistake about it, that’s exactly what this relationship is. The story goes on to detail the sexual fantasies of these people, writing “So terrified of sexual joy and liberation, and the prerequisite conversations, the ELCA has just decided sex in marriage=always good, sex outside marriage=always bad, and spending the hours between 12am and 7am together in a house, apartment, or room are the only times to have sex and sex will definitely happen then.”

Besides that actually being false—the ELCA, as we’ve documented many times, has not condemned sex outside of marriage—the person writing the story goes on to elaborate on what (insert pronoun here) means by relationship:

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As someone who practices relationship anarchy, I deeply value the many different relationships I have, from my biological family to my chosen family; from sexual and romantic relationships to platonic ones; from best friends to my relationship with their kids. All of these relationships matter to me and one is not placed above the other (as our culture requires for cisheteronormative [this means non-queer] monogamy). When I do get married, I won’t be marrying my best friend because I already have one (a few actually).

We are family. We give each other rides to work, plan our groceries together, argue about dishes, and wish everyone would leave our bathroom shelf alone. We cover each other when one is short on rent and together plan on how to support our elderly parents in the twilight of their lives. Our porch is where we have family meetings, we plan for the future, and we dream about getting a dog.

Things will change and we will eventually be able to be public about our love and commitments to each other. For now, we rest in our shared relationships and the ways we are able to be out in our neighborhood and among our close friends and family.

This, the ELM says, is what is supposed to be an example of the Trinity. Three or more people living together in a sexualized, romanticized intimate relationship. Not only is it just weird, but it’s also blasphemous, and I’d recommend these people just stop mentioning any of God’s names lest they receive a harsher judgment.


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