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Pastor Says More White People Voted for Herschel Walker than Stacey Abrams Because of Racism

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Watching the aftermath of Stacey Abrams, who became a sort of Messiah figure in liberal Black churches during the election season, has been a sight to behold. But one, in particular, is rather hilarious. Robert Regester, the senior pastor of New Life Church in Brandon, FL, has a theory on why Stacey Abrams lost but Herschel Walker “came so close to winning.”

Listen, Stacey Abrams did not win the governorship in Georgia, it’s not because she wasn’t a good candidate. It’s not because she wasn’t smart. It’s not because she was some kind of left-wing nut or communist. She lost the election because White people don’t normally vote for black people.

Regester then goes on to explain that he doesn’t understand why White people won’t come to Black churches but they’ll go to their rap concerts, boxing matches, basketball games, or even golf, but coming to sit under the authority of a competent Black person, ostensibly someone like Himself, at church or in government, is off the table. He continues:

Everyone knows that Herschel Walker is not a qualified candidate. How in the heck did he get so close to winning? Because White people, and I love them, I’m not being racist right now, I’m talking about the world we live in, they would rather vote for him than somebody who is competent and Black. Because they still see somebody who is competent and Black as a threat to their existence.

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Essentially, the bottom line here is, as long as you’re conservative, you’re “incompetent.” What Regester and these people forget about is what happened in Pennsylvania. Everybody also knows that Fetterman is incompetentβ€”he’s brain-damaged and can’t complete a sentence. Yet, nobody claimed “racism” there. Why? Because he’s a liberal. Perhaps the real problem here is that conservatives don’t want to sit under baby killers, sodomites, and people who promote every kind of rebellion against God and humanity that they possibly can. That’s why conservatives don’t come to your church because you’re not a church, you don’t preach biblical values or principles, and you have no idea what the gospel is. Get that right, and things might change for everyone.

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