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The Democrat Party is From Hell and Does Not Have the Answer to Actual Racial Injustices That Do Exist

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With the future of this nation hanging on today’s election, it’s important to realize that the nuance-bros in Christian-land are out in full force attempting to persuade Christians that both the Democrat and Republican parties are equally right and wrong on certain issues and that voting for either party is a matter of conscience. Their purpose in doing so isn’t that they actually believe this—they know that Christians primarily vote Republican, at least historically. They know that by convincing the Church that Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, they have an opportunity to shift conservative votes to the left. That is their whole agenda.

I ran across an article in Christianity Today that, as usual, attempts to push this point. “But every election season, other Christians tell us that it’s wrong to vote for a candidate who supports abortion,” the author wrote, “or that Christians should vote only for candidates who will fight racial injustice.” The implication of this narrative is that Republicans are right about abortion but Democrats are right about racial injustice—and that both of these issues carry equal weight, therefore, Christians must vote their conscience. Allow me to submit to you that neither of these is true.

First and foremost, the entire narrative of “racial injustice” in America today is completely fabricated. Historically, Blacks in America have been treated unfairly, enslaved, abused, and given disadvantages. But those days are long over and not only are there laws that prohibit such treatment of minorities, the vast majority of people in this nation only even think about it because the narrative is perpetuated by the leftist talking heads who profit from perpetual victimhood.

The idea of “racial injustice” is fabricated by the Democrat party because the Democrat party can only survive by enslaving the minds and hearts of people to them through victimhood. When we look at the political landscape, Black people—and everyone, for that matter—do far better in society in Republican-controlled areas. When we look at the nation’s major cities that are controlled by Democrats, we see huge increases in violence and poverty among Black communities. The reason for this is that the Democrat party has convinced a large portion of the Black community that they are victims of “white supremacy” and are unable to survive in a conservative, Capitalist economy and, therefore, Blacks need the salvific efforts of the Democrat party to prop them up and give them the advantage of affirmative action and wealth redistribution.

Of course, this narrative—and this so-called solution—is concocted in the pits of Hell by Satan himself and is designed to keep Black people enslaved to the white masters of the Democrat plantation. The only disadvantage that Black people have in society today is the belief that they are unable to accomplish anything without the help of the Democrat party. This notion is repulsive and degrading and should be rejected by anyone who claims to be a Christian.

Does racism exist? Of course, it does. Racism is a sin and is a result of the fall. Any actual forms of racism should be denounced by Christians and those who participate in actual racism should be called to repent. But the narrative that has been built by the Democrat party is that America is a racist nation and that conservatives have built a “system” in this nation that perpetuates the disadvantages of Blacks and advantages of Whites. This is completely and totally absurd and the history of politics in this nation proves it beyond any doubt. People, including Blacks, are always less dependent on government and achieve more under conservative policies.

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This is not to say that there aren’t things we can do as a society to help impoverished communities, namely Black communities, that have been that way for so long. But it starts with forsaking the ideals of the Democrat party and embracing freedom. The welfare system does not encourage Black communities to strengthen themselves through education, employment, and family structure. It does the opposite—it encourages sloth. Why work, why bother with going to school if “big brother” is just going to take care of me? Government policy should encourage individual responsibility. This is the general principle taught by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3 in his warning against idleness, and it is what Christians should support.

The Scriptures are replete with warnings against idleness and sloth:

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. —Proverbs 13:4

The Scriptures also warn that laziness demonstrates your loyalty to the enemy. Proverbs 18:9 says “Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.” In fact, there are literally hundreds of verses in Scripture denouncing slothfulness as sinful, so it’s easy to see why a Satanic secular religion like the Democrat party would encourage it.

While there may be issues that are a matter of conscience within the Republican party that may cause one not to support a candidate, it’s clear that there is absolutely nothing redeemable about the Democrat party and the one thing that they hang their necks on to garner support from professing Christians is a farce. I saw someone post on Twitter earlier today that if all you have is a poop-soaked rag to put out a fire, don’t let your house burn down. The Democrat party exists only to burn down. Don’t fall for their antics—the Democrat party is from Hell.


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