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Warning to Parents: Chick-fil-a’s New Children’s Books Are Sourced From Dangerous, Marxist Ideologues

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Feminism, LGBTQ Issues, News, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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Chick-fil-a has partnered with MVP Kids to bring a new series of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) books and resources to families and children through their kid’s meals. SEL is basically a psychological model of training and teaching children to embrace the agenda of the woke, social justice movement and has been described as the new “trojan horse” in woke education.

“Possibly the most important topic happening in education, at least if you care about the well-being, health and safety of children and the future of this country, is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL),” says James Lindsay, an expert in the infiltration of Marxist ideology in our nation’s institutions.  “Social Emotional Learning is the psychologizing of schooling, and, as one might expect, it comes in a variety of forms.  The most contemporary and relevant form is the most Marxist form because the Marxist educators have completely hijacked any legitimacy the program ever had and turned it into a Maoist nightmare to ruin the children so they can achieve their revolution.”

Essentially, SEL is a way to smuggle in Marxist doctrines such as equity (not to be confused with equality) and transform the way children think about social justice issues. According to a teacher’s guide released by CASEL:

Educators can use social and emotional learning (SEL) to promote the cultural assets that all students bring to their classrooms—if SEL instruction and assessments are implemented with a culturally responsive lens, according to a recent summary of the Assessment Work Group’s Special Issues brief on SEL and equity. The summary, from the American Institutes for Research, demonstrates how an equity lens is essential for understanding the social-emotional development of children, youth, and adults.

And some of the guiding questions include:

  • Can you recall times or events in which your identity (race/ ethnicity, social class status or gender) were made obvious or important to you?
  • How do your personal preferences/biases affect how you interact with your students?
  • In what ways can you address power relationships that discourage engagement in academic, social and emotional learning?

The books that Chick-fil-a will be handing out to your children teach the same principles based on woke, Marxist ideology of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” And some of the resources offered by MVP Kids is heavily tainted with the Marxist idea of “diversity,” and we all know that “diversity” doesn’t just stop at ethnic diversity, but includes LGBTQ, transgenderism, and every other aspect of “diversity” that the Marxist model of intersectionality requires we embrace:

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While some of the materials may seem to be benign on the surface, you can rest assured that it is not grounded in sound, biblical theology and the principles that SEL teaches are designed to open the doors of young children to completely embrace a social justice worldview.

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