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What is Wrong With This World That Parents Would Hand Their Children Over to Sex Perverts?

by | Oct 20, 2022

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What was unthinkable just 10 years ago has become a celebrated phenomenon in our society today. The fact that parents are so eager and willing to hand their children over to perverted men dressed like insulting caricatures of women is really strange. Watch:

Since the fall of Adam, the world has always been cursed by sin and rebellion. What true worshipers of Christ need to know is how to be ready. Every society is unjust. We live in a fallen sinful world. There has never been a country or a culture yet weather in Scripture or in history that is actually just by biblical standards. Because they are all run by sinners. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it will be until the end of this age. That’s what the Bible teaches.

If somebody needs any more evidence that this country is sliding into the Divine judgment of corruption and immorality, I very much doubt their conversion.

One thing is for certain too, if these so-called progressive “Christians” think they can sign Jesus Christ’s name to this by their Democrat votes and escape His wrath, they are in for one heartbreakingly rude awakening. That said, not every society pickles itself in sociopathic sexually immoral insanity like this. What we have today is not the typical injustices of a sinful world—this is explicitly a satanic attack upon the foundational created order of almighty God. That’s a whole other level. There is no moral equivalence between the historic racial injustice of the United States and this sudden explosion of rank perversion and death. Casting a vote for a Democrat, even if the party did care about injustice—which it doesn’t—still cannot be justified by the attack on the Almighty God that we see through the attacks on innocent children through this LGBTQ garbage and abortion.

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Between the barbaric butchery of tens of millions of infants in the womb and the growing full frontal assault on God’s created design of male and female, the United States is setting new standards of sin and perdition. In full competition with the pagan nations of old. And we have the Ten Commandments on the walls of our Supreme Court and biblical depictions all over our Capitol buildings. We have far less excuse than any other society in history. The question for the true disciple of Christ is: how do I prepare myself for the judgment of the once great nation where I was born?

I’ll say this without equivocation, it may stave off the progress of this campaign of death and perversion a little here or there, but anybody who thinks the Republicans are coming to the rescue may be even more deluded than the Democrat-supporting liberal so-called “Christians.” The Democrats do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons and the party is beyond all redemption. And while the Republicans do some of the right things sometimes, they are often still for the wrong reasons with the rare exception here or there that someone in office has real convictions. And while Christians should steward their votes well by abstaining from voting for the Democrat party, the hope of the believer is not a conservative cultural revolution—it’s being raised from death and Adam to new and everlasting life in Christ.

This nation cannot be saved short of a sweeping Mass conversion tantamount to that seen in Nineveh. Can God do that? Of course, he can. Will he? Of course, only He knows His secret Providence, but there is no biblical reason for any significant hope of that. Jesus said that His Kingdom is not of this world.

The truly regenerate children of the Most High God need to ask themselves: what if all of my worst political nightmares come true? Is Jesus still Lord? Is his Joy still my strength? If the United States collapses under my feet and the government seizes all of my assets and throws me out on the street, will I still love him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength? For too many professing Christians on this planet, their hope very much seems to be in what happens in their earthly nation over and above their adoption into the eternal family of God.

No one will be more overjoyed than I will if the Lord our God saves this nation. My greatest concern however is for those who are entirely unprepared if he doesn’t. It’s unthinkable to them. “Why, God has to save this nation because, after all, I live here. This is the United States of America.” I can say with supreme confidence that God does not share our priorities. The God of the Bible is jealous for His own name. The sooner His children realize that, the better off they will be.

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