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Check Out this New Completely and Totally Blasphemous “Christian” Heavy Metal Band

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I write about contemporary Christian music a lot. I think that the vast majority of it is filled with heresy and designed to garner the emotion of those who believe it to be “worship.” Nonetheless, in the contemporary Christian music industry, all of the glory goes to the producer. The stage is set to direct attention to the musician. And money flows from your pockets—your church’s bank accounts—and directly into the wallets of those who produce the high-selling product.

God gets no glory out of it.

But there is a new and emerging industry that is attempting to market itself as “Christian.” And while the conventional contemporary industry is bad enough, this new genre is capturing the souls of a different breed of “seekers” altogether. This genre far surpasses anything that even the old death metal or rock bands who “sold their souls to the devil” could ever pull off. This is just sick. Blasphemous. Sick.

This genre is being produced by a label called Sweatband Records. Sweatband Records is an umbrella for several artists and groups. One of those groups is called Cancer Christ. Yes. Cancer Christ.

Cancer Christ is a group that describes itself as “the imperfect vessel to wage a holy war against those who wish to profit from a dying prophet’s words.” That prophet who is “dying,” the group says, is Jesus. How is he dying? According to their information page, “A venomous cancer consumes his body and weakens his mind,” and “As each day passes, his light dims to a faint whimper and the darkness of evil shrieks with a toxic vigor as its foul and unholy power collapses the human race.”

The mission of Cancer Christ, they say, “is to find lost souls to take up arms in this new and uncertain heavenly body. We accept all: black, white, gay, straight, trans, and all others that wish to fight evil wherever it spews its putrid and vile wickedness” and according to this group, the world needs a “new, stronger word of God” because “the old passive and fragile word of God falls upon deaf ears.”

Here’s a glimpse of what this new “Christian” music group is all about with a screenshot from their Instagram page.

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And here’s a glimpse of their music—a song called Do You Want to Go to Heaven?


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