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The Democrat Jesus

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I hear a lot of tripe today from leftists who complain that conservatives believe in a “Republican Jesus” or something absurdly insane like that. The argument is that the “Republican Jesus” is xenophobic, sexist, racist, and homophobic—or some combination of these pejoratives depending on one’s devotion to the ideals of the Democratic platform. In reality, leftists are attempting to smear Jesus by tying Republican politics to the theology of conservative Christians.

But the smear campaign from the left against Jesus is really nothing more than an attempt to dissuade Christians from holding to a biblical worldview in politics. For the leftist, the vilification of Jesus boils down to a hatred of biblical theology—a hatred of God Himself.

For example, the leftist’s use of the term “xenophobic” simply means that Republicans believe the borders should be secured. Leftists hate the idea of a secure border because the Democrat “Jesus” disapproves of law and order. The Democrat “Jesus” does not believe that a civilized nation has a right to stand apart from the rest of the world, to uphold cultural values that made the nation stand apart, or to maintain a distinctive national identity.

It’s the same with the left’s use of these other terms. In their eyes, the “homophobic Republican Jesus” just means that conservative, Bible-believing Christians who vote for Republicans believe that LGBTQ propaganda shouldn’t be forced down our throats in schools or the workplace. But the Democrat Jesus is actually pro-homosexual and is perfectly fine with men sodomizing each other and the Democrat Jesus desires that not only all Christians be tolerant and supportive of this, but celebrate it at every turn.

The Democrat Jesus wants us to believe that biblical values are racist. The Democrat Jesus wants us to believe that God desires that women murder their children, especially when they are in a financial situation that may inconvenience their lives. The Democrat Jesus wants to twist the biblical command to take care of the poor and the widow to make it mean that the government should be financing the irresponsible sexual escapades of promiscuous women who have multiple children out of wedlock.

Leftists who worship the Democrat Jesus have embraced an ideology that they feel gives them the right to elevate themselves above their moral inferiors who don’t share their deluded views of equity and globalism. They attempt to recruit Jesus Christ to their cause by some spectacular mangling of the Christian scriptures. They are the living incarnate embodiment of worshiping the creature rather than the creator. They worship themselves and have created a false god and a false Jesus in their own image.

The Democrat Jesus is also the living embodiment of the way that seems right unto a man, but the ways thereof are the ways of death.

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There are two major categories of these people. The power elitists who know what they are doing and the worker drones that they propagandize into doing their populist work for them. The power elites can be black white or any other ethnicity, but they are defined by the fact that they are in positions of actual political power and are rolling in money that they acquire through those positions. The worker drones are the people who are actually true believers in the cause. Unlike the power elites, they actually believe in the false ideology that they are fed by the power elites.

Just like Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood used the black church in the early 20th century to give divine legitimacy to their campaign of genocide, worshipers of the Democrat Jesus attempt to do the same by rewriting scripture in history in order to give, or attempt to give Christian legitimacy to their leftist causes.

These unbiblical theological positions can range from at least plausible on the surface, requiring some study and thought to address, to the overtly and blatantly anti-biblical positions that nobody with even a cursory knowledge of the Bible should dare attempt to embrace. The so-called “Christian socialist” model of caring for the poor is unbiblical, but it does require some actual study and thought to address properly. But the idea of “gay Christianity” and “pro-choice Christians” is so manifestly absurd that only the devil himself could concoct such schemes.

The bottom line, the “Democrat Jesus” is not the Jesus of the Bible. To a certain extent, some Republicans have made Jesus all about politics and have lost the message of the cross altogether. But to suggest that Jesus rejects conservative biblical values that many Republicans hold to is asinine. There is no “Republican Jesus”—there is only the one, true living God made flesh in the man Jesus Christ who is revealed to us in Scripture.

It is the “Democrat Jesus” that is a wildly, false Jesus who opposes the true Jesus and there is simply no way around that.


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