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Popular Dove Award-Winning Christian Rap Artist Says “The Lion and the Lamb Will Bow Down to the Goat”

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Kirk Franklin has become an icon in the Contemporary Christian Music Gospel genre and has gained even more notoriety after touring with and becoming heavily involved in the contemporary worship music collective, Maverick City Music.

Franklin made headlines in 2019 after winning TBN’s version of the “Christian Grammys” called the Dove Awards in the Gospel genre. Franklin is known for his “gospel music” that features cursing and foul language. Franklin was intimately involved in the production of Kanye West’s new “gospel” music at the time and stated that “God Wrote” his first curse-filled album.

Kirk Franklin is pro-choice — meaning, that he doesn’t believe that abortion should be limited. In an interview with a former Grindr (a gay hook-up app similar to Ashley Madison) worker, he said that he personally believed in life, but doesn’t believe he should impose his beliefs on others.

He confirmed these sentiments in an interview with Charlemagne tha God. After telling about how his mother almost aborted him, and then how he paid to have a girl that he impregnated to have an abortion and drove her to the clinic, he told the host that he was “pro-life.”

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“My point is that I am pro-life but I still believe that I do not have a right to force a woman to do anything with her body, the same way that I can’t force somebody to come to Jesus Christ,” Franklin said in the interview.

So now that it’s been established that Kirk Franklin is a lost cause who only masquerades as a Christian in order to fleece unsuspecting Christians for money, fame, and fortune, it should come as no surprise that he blasphemes God by saying that the Lion and the Lamb, who is named in Isaiah 11:6—the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Lamb who was slain, also known as Jesus Christ—will bow down to the “goat.”

Oftentimes, in modern slang and jargon, the acronym “GOAT” stands for the “Greatest Of All Time.” But that doesn’t make sense, because Jesus is the greatest of all time and Kirk Franklin would be singing that Jesus will bow down to Himself.

The other, more likely meaning of this phrase is that he’s saying that Jesus will bow down to Kirk’s god, a demon named Baphomet who is worshiped by the Knights Templar and various other occult groups. Is this conspiracy theory? I can’t get in his mind to say what he thinks, but it is well known that these fame and fortune celebrities are often associated with various cult groups and this very well could have been a Freudian slip. After all, Baphomet is a goat.


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