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Reminder for Anyone Who Needs to Hear This: Joel and Victoria Osteen Are Going to Hell

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Apostasy, Cult, News, Religion, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Joel Osteen, a false teacher and fake pastor, is most definitely a cult leader. The followers of Joel Osteen’s ministry do not follow Christ, they follow the man and they are in it for no other reason than to hear the man tickle their ears with his motivational pep talks and uplifting speeches.

Joel Osteen, one of the world’s most famous and prosperous false teachers–estimated to be worth about $100 million–appeared on the Today Show to lecture people who don’t have the luxury of owning a 17 thousand square foot home with an Olympic-size pool on how to be content with what you have.

But Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, aren’t just about pimping the prosperity gospel for cash, they’re also about tons of heresies—damnable heresies that prove they are on their sad way to Hell.

First up is Victoria Osteen’s famous denial of the deity of Christ. Here, in this clip, she says that Jesus was a man “until God touched him.” That denial is a damnable heresy and anyone who believes that is definitely not right with God. The Scriptures clearly teach that Jesus was eternal, was in the beginning with God, and that all things were created through Him (John 1).

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Next up, Joel Osteen affirms Christ-denier, Oprah Winfrey as one of the greatest voices of our generation. What Osteen should have done, if he were a true believer, is say that she’s one of the most damning voices of our generation and that she needs to repent of her false beliefs about God and Christianity and instead, trust in Christ. But he didn’t. Because he’s on his way to Hell with Oprah.

In this next clip, Joel Osteen tells Oprah that he believes that homosexuals will be accepted into Heaven. The Scriptures contradict him, however. Jesus says, not once, but twice, in Luke 13:3, unless you repent, you too will likewise Perish. When one is saved from their sin, repentance is a natural outworking of God’s grace. If one is without repentance, one has not been saved. While works do not save us, works are evidence of God’s grace in us. As it says in James, faith without works is dead.

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