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Bethel’s Foremost “Healing” Guru Says He’s Suffering From an Ailment He Wouldn’t Wish on Anyone

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Cult, News, Religion | 0 comments

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Please understand that this is not intended to make light of the current and past situations affecting individual people at Bethel Church who are suffering from various forms of calamity, however, make note that these individuals do currently stand condemned before God and as a testimony to the wrath of God revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, and women.

Bethel Church in Redding, California, is pastored and co-pastored by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton, respectively, who believe themselves to be prophets and Apostles of God. Bethel is well-known for its debunked “manifestations” of the Holy Spirit, including its infamous spectacle known as “glory clouds.” The “glory cloud” spectacle has been thoroughly debunked and its various other acts of blasphemy, like grave sucking, have been shown to be contra-biblical and heterodox.

As we’ve explained before, Bethel Redding is essentially a cult that revolves around the visions of its two main “Apostles” while minimizing the truth of Scripture. Its livelihood depends on the fantastic tales relayed by its pastors as “revelations” from God coupled with the “experience” of worship through its deep emotionally-stimulating music.

And as part of the experience at Bethel, “healings” are at the top of the list. And foremost of its healing gurus is “Apostle,” Kris Vallotton. Vallotton has gone as far as bragging about how he is so good at healing that he can even “lay hands” on a car and fix it. This is what makes his recent tweet about how much he’s suffering from a kidney stone so odd, but in a recent post, he said “I went to the hospital today and found out I am passing a kidney stone! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Tough couple of days.”

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Why couldn’t he just heal himself? After all, that’s what the entire ministry of his church revolves around, right? I guess he just doesn’t have enough faith, according to his own teaching.

For a church that believes it has the power to supernaturally heal at will any disease or ailment, It’s interesting that it closed the doors to its “healing rooms” during the coronavirus pandemic. According to their website, the healing rooms are where “we pursue the Holy Spirit and His healing power in a special time of ministry,” and it’s “a place we see God bring life, wholeness, and love to those suffering from physical ailments.”

Also, according to their website, they are “joy-filled believers who see God bring complete restoration and healing. We see hundreds of people every week, and it’s incredible.” False.

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