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Homosexual “Churches” Protest Outside of Franklin Graham Event in Rochester

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A gaggle of homosexual-affirming “churches” took to the streets to protest outside of Franklin Graham’s “God Loves You” event in Rochester, NY on Sunday. According to reports, hundreds of people stood in Soldiers Field Park as Graham preached a watered-down “Jesus loves everybody” gospel message.

So what was the big deal? Franklin Graham, while not exactly a raging heretic, definitely does preach an inclusive gospel in the footsteps of his father, Billy, who unrepentantly held to the heresy of universalism. And While Graham does not condone homosexuality, he’s certainly no outspoken critic of immorality to the exclusion of those who practice it among the ranks of the professing Church.

But that wasn’t good enough for the queers and homosexuals—who call themselves “Christians” to their own detriment. What they want is Graham to outright approve of their lifestyle, their ideology, and their sin.

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According to Duluth Tribune, Bob Werner, a member of Peace United Church of Christ, said his standing demonstration outside Graham’s event was to show visitors to the city and remind residents that Graham’s message doesn’t resonate with everyone in Rochester.

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“Franklin Graham is flying into Rochester on his private jet, he’s going to preach his message and leave,” Werner said. “But he’s not from Rochester and he doesn’t represent the people here.”

Yet others who attended the event said, unsurprisingly, that Graham’s message didn’t actually contradict the message of “love” and “peace” that the sodomite churches protesting the event proclaim. Obviously, these false churches proclaim a false gospel—but many are finding that Graham’s gospel is watered-down enough to find favor among some of these sodomites. Why is that so? Is Graham drifting?

Graham has spent a large portion of his career in ministry attempting to build relationships and bridges with the secular world. Though there have been times that he’s been strong on moral issues, there are times that he’s been extremely weak or has compromised the gospel to build these relationships. One example was his incessant push to join government officials in their clarion call as “Apostles” of the vaccination cult and even outright said that Jesus would have taken the vaccine.

Yet, this isn’t the first time Graham has been opposed due to his apparent non-affirming stance toward homosexuality. In 2021, the Seattle Police Chief canceled an “appreciation dinner” for the Seattle PD after some members complained of his “intolerance” towards homosexuals. Yet, at the same time, in 2020, Graham joined a hard-core LGBTQ activist who has received praise from GLAAD, one of the most active pro-LGBTQ groups in the nation, for a “Christian” event.

So what does this mean? Graham isn’t necessarily pro-sodomy, but he isn’t strongly against it either. This demonstrates that Graham is willing to ramp up or tone down his convictions depending on the audience he is presenting to—and that’s one of the greatest compromises to the gospel that there can be.


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