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Jon Harris Addresses Christopher Yuan’s “God Didn’t Say Be Heterosexual” Doctrines

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Last week, The Dissenter put out extensive documentation of the rising star of The Gospel Coalition’s circle of eunuchs platformed to lecture the church on sexual morality. Christopher Yuan, a man previously caught up in regular homosexual escapades and drug addiction, says that he no longer believes in that lifestyle after he found Christ while in prison for selling drugs.

While we acknowledged that much of what Yuan says is true and biblical, there are some errors in his theology that cannot be overlooked. One of these errors is the idea that God does not require us to be “heterosexual” and he summarizes this in a catchy phrase that he repeats at all of his events: “God didn’t say be heterosexual for I am heterosexual…He says be holy for I am holy.”

While this trite cliche may draw the applause of thousands, in reality, it’s a meaningless platitude that serves only to cause confusion—especially in those who may be struggling with this temptation. The crux of our disagreement with this statement lies in the fact that God’s design for holiness does include ordered sexual desires.

Here, our friend, Jon Harris, addresses the same reasoning here and how this is dangerous ideology that is unbiblical and designed to move the needle of homosexual tolerance in the Church.

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Since my article and Harris’ video, more has come to light exposing Yuan’s bad theology and teachings. For one, in an article at the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC that Yuan co-authored, he blames conservative churches for same-sex marriage by calling marriage “idolatry.” He writes:

Defining marriage as being between a husband and a wife appears unfair to the LGBT community, in part because a life of singleness is viewed to be crushingly lonely. Have we in the church inadvertently played into that lie with our idolatry of marriage while being pejorative and silent toward singleness? If singleness is unfair, then it is no wonder that marriage has become a right. Just as the LGBT community appealed to the rest of the world for dignity and respect, it is time for the church to fight for the dignity and respect of single women and single men.

He confirms his view on the “idolatry of marriage” by equating it with the idolatry of the nuclear family. According to an article at Outreach Magazine based on a conversation with Christopher Yuan, Yuan believes that the Church can be a replacement for marriage.

Here, they argue that true intimacy doesn’t happen in the nuclear family but in the Church. But the Church isn’t our bride, she is Christ’s bride. These are two completely separate contexts and while he’s correct that the spiritual family in one sense is greater than the temporal nuclear family on Earth, the Church cannot fulfill what God has designed the institution of marriage to fulfill.

Worse, Yuan also takes an identical approach to homosexuality that Former Southern Baptist presidents, Ed Litton and JD Greear both took when they argued that the Bible only “whispers” about homosexuality. Yuan compares the sin of homosexuality to other sins like boasting and implies that sodomy is morally equivalent to a haughty look.

It is true that these other sins are too an abomination to God as he lists them in that way. However, that doesn’t provide an escape from the fact that homosexuality is an especially egregious sin because of its direct attack on the created order of God himself. It is used as an illustration in Romans 1 of what happens when God abandons a people to their own depravity. It is spelled out in 1st Corinthians as a unique sin in that it is a sin against one’s own body. Pride is a universal sin. Homosexuality is not—it is unique in all these ways. Unrepentant homosexuality is evidence that God has given one over to the lusts of their hearts.


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