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SBC Leaders Push Pro-Islamic Propaganda in Interfaith Organization Led by Southern Baptist and Islamic Leaders

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It seems like every time I turn around and think things can’t get worse in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), I see something else that just blows my mind. I mean, just a few months ago, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes at the annual meeting when the leaders couldn’t even define what a pastor is and if the Bible allows for women to hold that title or position.

Southern Baptists are supposed to hold to the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture, but instead, they’re ordaining women to the pastorate, baptizing practicing “married” homosexual couples, embracing Critical Race Theory, and seminaries graduating far-left feminists and transgender activists. And now, they’ve started a new organization with the sole purpose of imbuing Southern Baptists with pro-Islamic propaganda.

This initiative is called Neighborly Faith. The name and the organization have actually been around for a while, and the movement has come and gone. But now, it appears they’ve ramped up their rhetoric and Southern Baptist leaders seem to be in it neck deep.

The organization describes itself as a “student movement introducing Christians to neighbors of every faith.” But the leadership and contributors are well-known Southern Baptist names including Micah Fries, Dan Darling, and Trillia Newbellβ€”all of whom have ties to Russell Moore and the ERLC, surprise! It also includes a number of Islamic authors and speakers as part of its official list of contributors. And, of course, Matthew Soerens of World Relief and the Soros-funded ERLC-partnered organization, the Evangelical Immigration Table.

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Neighborly faith claims its purpose is to help Christians understand misconceptions about Muslims and to be a “good neighbor” to them claiming that “Too few Christians know their neighbors of other faiths, and too few of our neighbors know a Christian.”

Yet, when looking through the material offered by Neighborly Faith, it immediately becomes clear that this isn’t meant to be a tool for Christians to use in the Great Commission as they carry the gospel to the lost and dyingβ€”instead, it’s meant to muddy the waters between Christianity and Islam and give a false impression about the wickedness of the Islamic religion.

In one of the featured articles on the site titled GOOD VIBES: WHY CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS MAKE GREAT FRIENDS, it attempts to lay out the groundwork for Christians and Muslims to find common ground to build a friendship. It states that “While the beliefs and religious lives of Christians and Muslims are different, where simply being a human with strong spirituality is concerned, Christian values and Muslim values are quite similar.”

One of the common “values” the article says that Christians and Muslims have in common is a “profound commitment to faith.” It reads:

For practicing Muslims, faith plays as large a role in daily life as it does for the most committed Christian, and it brings many similar challenges and rewards. For this important reason among many others, Christians should be able to readily admire, respect, and empathize with devout Muslims in their communities.

It also, laughably, labels “love of family” as one of the primary values shared between Christians and Muslims, reading:

Muslim and Christian cultures are both known for their strong family values. Muslims view families as the building blocks of society. Much as Christians do, they strive to create a secure and healthy family environment in which children can learn human virtues from positive role models. 

Interestingly, there seems to be no mention of honor killings or beheadings among that assertion of “love of family.” It’s actually quite amazing how many propaganda pieces have been written to target Southern Baptists on this website.

In another article, 7 Things You Didn’t Knew[sic] About American Muslims, (which was obviously written by one of the Islamic contributors and only actually lists 6), lists the following, ridiculous and absurd “truths” about American Muslims:

  • The vast majority of Muslims are proud to be Americans
  • Muslim Americans oppose violence more than any other religious group (completely and totally laughable, just ridiculously absurd on its face)
  • Muslims in the US are ethnically, culturally, religiously, and politically diverse
  • Muslim views align with those of both liberal and conservative Americans
  • Muslim women are often highly educated, highly compensated leaders
  • Muslims are among the most tolerant of all religious groups in America (also absurd on its face).

I shouldn’t be surprised at what I see Southern Baptists partnering with and doing these days. Nonetheless, there’s still something in me that wants to remain hopeful that there are actual godly leaders left in the denomination. Not that I ever thought that highly of any of the ones in here, but the fact that they can do this and not receive a reprimand from the denomination as a whole over this just give us all pause.


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