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Evangelical Pastor Goes on Mormon Sports Channel to Encourage Spiritual Unity in Jesus

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Apostasy, Cult, News, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Derwin Gray, the pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina and a speaker at woke Southern Baptist ERLC conferences. Gray also joined JD Greear and other pastors to complain about white people saying that he once had a white pastor reject his call to become a multi-ethnic church because “dads would be afraid that their daughters would want to marry black men.”

Gray has also compared white people to the gentiles in the Scriptures, like outsiders that are grafted in while people of color are the Israelites.

Now, Gray, a former Carolina Panther and Indianapolis Colt, and who is also a graduate of the Mormon school, Brigham Young University, returned to the sports stadium at his alma mater to preach “unity” in Jesus Christ. In the clip below, Gray contends that the cross of Jesus Christ stands for a superficial unity among the various religions, assumedly including Mormonism since that’s where he’s at, that profess some variant of the name of Jesus.

“The real problem is this insidious disease that we all have called sin,” Gray said, “Like everybody is utterly broken, that’s why we need a savior.”

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Okay, so far, so good and that part is certainly true. But here’s where it starts to get shaky. Gray says that it is “dark powers” that cause us to divide on certain things like politics and social issues and that as long as we claim Christ, we can disagree on those things while still loving each other.

“But we also gotta realize that there are dark powers that love division, they love to divide, politically, socioeconomically, male-female,” Gray continued. “And Jesus is the ultimate unifier if we’re willing to trust him. And a lot of times, when we have fear, that flows from a lack of understanding. When I can understand someone, I don’t have to agree with you to love you. The very fact that Jesus died for you means that you are inherent of love and dignity and respect.”

I’m not sure what Bible Gray is reading, but Jesus didn’t say it was “dark forces” that divide true Christians among these things, he said it was His word (Matthew 10:34). True Christians are not divided, but are united around the truth. We cannot be superficially united around contradictory beliefs—we are to be of one mind, of one accord (1 Corinthians 1:10, Philippians 2:2, etc.).

The “dark forces” that cause division in the Church are not Christians, they are false converts who have crept into the Church and presented themselves as angels of light—pastors, shepherds, teachers, seminary professors—yet bring destructive heresies. Ones that teach things such as God is okay with abortion, homosexuality, or using His name to advance secular social justice causes. And ones that teach that being united with false religions such as Mormonism is what Christ died for. Those are the dark forces, those are the ones that need to be purged from the Church.

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