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NOBTS Speaker Goes Full Liberation Theology, Says the Gospel Frees Her From “White Supremacy”

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You’ve heard of Black Liberation Theology. Liberation theology can be traced back to Latin America in the early 60s. Latin America has always been a hotbed of oppressive working conditions for those who tried to make ends meet and Liberation Theology was invented as a supposed Christian response to this oppression. It should be noted that the rise of Liberation theology coincides with the Roman Catholic Second Vatican Council in the 60s.

It was this Liberation Theology that gave rise to various other liberation theologies around the world including Black Liberation Theology in America. Popularized by James Cone, Black Liberation Theology essentially teaches that the God of the oppressive White man is not the same God as the God of the oppressed Black man. In the view of Black Liberation Theology, God dwells with and identifies with the oppressed—Black people are the oppressed.

Lisa Fields is the founder of the Jude 3 Project, an organization that says it is dedicated to “current issues and the intellectual struggles of Christians of African descent in the United States and abroad.” Fields is a favorite among leftist groups such as The Gospel Coalition and has been a speaker at Southern Baptist Seminaries, including New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In short, Fields is a welcome member of the Evangelical woke camp and because she is useful for pushing their narrative, she is at home with them.

Fields, however, is theologically inept. Most discerning Bible teachers and students alike can clearly see that the social gospel is another religion altogether and has no place in the Church. However, when advancing an ideology that’s more important to your narrative, “secondary matters,” such as theological acumen, are set aside.

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In a recent video published on Twitter, Fields answered the question “why do you still believe in Jesus?” Her reply, comparing the gospel to an airplane that can only fly with two wings, is two-fold: not only does the gospel save her from sin, but another, just as important aspect of it, it saves her from “white supremacy.”

“What I love about the good news of Jesus is that it has two wings,” Fields said. “That it not only [inaudible] liberation, good news for the poor, but it has a liberation for a greater oppressor which is sin, that held my soul.”

“And the blood of Jesus frees me from the sin of slavery,” she continued, “but also the slavery of sin.”

“And that’s why it’s good news,” she added, “It’s not good news if we have just one wing. And I think that’s the divide in the Church. We pick one wing or the other and we wonder why our gospel has no power.”

“And I think a true liberation of Jesus is understanding that yes, he wants me free from ‘white supremacy’ and that oppression, but he also wants me free from the sin-sick soul that I have.”


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