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Surprise! Britney Spears Comes Out as an Atheist, Says She No Longer Believes in God

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You may remember the big stink last year after Britney Spears made headlines for coming out as a Catholic.

“I just got back from mass … I’m Catholic now,” Spears posted to Instagram. “Let us pray 🙏 !!!” Spears wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post according to Relevant.

“Well, we don’t have much more info than that and we probably won’t get much soon from the notoriously private Spears, but it appears her loneliness ain’t killing her no more, as she has now joined the world’s most ancient institution, a body that stretches across the world and indeed history itself,” the author of the Relevant Magazine article wrote last year.

Now, Spears, who was raised in a Southern Baptist home, says she no longer believes in God. In an audio clip posted on Youtube, she says while griping about her father and their drama around her conservatorship:

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So Jayden, as you undermine my behavior, just like my whole family always has, with “hope she gets better,” “I will pray for her”… Pray for what? [That] I keep working so I can pay off mom’s legal fees and her house?

Do you guys want me to get better so I can continue to give your dad $40 grand a month? Or is the reasoning behind you guys deciding to be hateful is because it’s actually over in two years and you don’t get anything?

She continued:

It saddens me not one of you have valued me as a person. You’ve witnessed me, how my family has been to me, and that’s all you know. Like I said, I feel you all secretly like to say something’s wrong with me.

Honestly, my dad needs to be in jail for the rest of his life.

But like I said, God would not allow that to happen to me if a god existed. I don’t believe in God anymore because of the way my children and my family have treated me. There is nothing to believe anymore.

I’m an atheist y’all.

Featured Photo Credit: Glenn FrancisBritney Spears 2013 (Straighten Crop), background blur by None, CC BY-SA 4.0


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