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Biden Promises to Ban “Assault Weapons,” Codify Roe v. Wade, if Democrats Keep Control of Congress

by | Aug 26, 2022

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This should make pro-abortion Evangelical leftists like Dwight McKissic happy. Joe Biden has promised to ban assault weapons, codify Roe v. Wade, and take care of “unfinished business” if his party keeps control of Congress after the midterm elections.

Of course, this was exactly the reason Biden is pushing to forgive student loans—this serves as a means for him to conjure up his base, which consists mostly of sloths and sluggards who thrive on free handouts paid for by those with good work ethic.

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Funny, though. Not sure how this got past his handlers, but he promised to pass election reforms to “make sure no one has the opportunity to steal an election AGAIN.” Freudian slip?


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