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“Progressive Queer Believer” Begs Beth Moore to Affirm Her on Twitter, Says She Loves Beth’s Bible Studies

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Imagine being an Evangelical bible teacher who is paraded around by Southern Baptist elites, defended by seminary presidents, and platformed by Southern Baptist churches—and loved by “progressive queer believers” because her “bible studies” do absolutely nothing to bring the Word of God to bear on the consciences of those who rebel against Him.

That, of course, is Beth Moore.

I saw a recent Twitter exchange between Daily Wire contributor, Megan Basham and a person who refers to herself as a “progressive queer believer” with “she/they” pronouns in their bio. This person, we’ll call her April, also describes herself as a “single mom by choice.” Great Christian values, I know. But, of course, she’s an abuse survivor, so that automatically places her in an untouchable and eternal state of righteousness according to the #metoo/#churchtoo movement that Beth Moore is so aligned with.

Well, anyway, April posted a random tweet on Twitter that caught the attention of Megan Basham. April’s tweet basically praised Beth Moore for being the most “authentically funny Christian alive” and asked others, like herself, to check out Beth’s page.

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Megan’s response was a simple observation: that many of Beth Moore’s endorsements came from the LGBTQ camp from people who referred to themselves as “queer” and had genderqueer pronouns listed in their Twitter biographies.

That’s when April, the “progressive queer believer,” summonsed Beth Moore for help.

But more interestingly, this isn’t a one-off, Beth Moore is followed and revered by many LGBTQ people. It should come as no surprise, though since she stated in 2019 that the reason she removed a section from one of her older Bible studies that called homosexuality “sinful” is that she now believes that doing so was “exceeding Scripture.”

We’ll follow this thread and see if Beth Moore responds to the “progressive queer believer.” Megan responded to the tweet with Beth Moore tagged in it and asked her to respond as well. It has quite a few likes, so we know that Beth Moore has seen this.

This puts Beth in a critical hard place—damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. If she answers the question biblically, she risks losing a significant portion of her followers who believe that she’s affirming of them. If she affirms April as a Christian, she knows all those “theobros” that she hates will be right about her. So my guess is she will just ignore it and hope it goes away, as usual. But if she does answer, we’ll update this post.


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