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Charismatic Nutcase Says She Commanded a Tornado to Stop and it Obeyed

by | Aug 19, 2022

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Judy Brooks is the founder and CEO of Judy Brooks Ministries. Brooks is your typical prosperity gospel charlatan who teaches that it is always God’s will for Christians to be healthy and wealthy.

According to her bio, Brooks “is a highly sought-after Empowerment Speaker and Trainer, Author, and Coach” and she is “internationally recognized as a leader in transformational retreats which have impacted thousands and paved the way for the development and advancement of the speakers of the future who have graduated from her program.”

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Brooks claims that through her faith in God, she “overcame many obstacles and arose from pain and poverty”—typical prosperity gospel drivel. Her entire ministry now revolves around “miracles” and “blessings” of physical and financial prosperity.

After looking extensively, I could not find a single mention of the cross or forgiveness of sins on her website, and any mention of Jesus at all was to invoke his name only for temporal blessings.

In a recent video on arch-heretic Sid Roth’s YouTube channel, Brooks claims that she commanded a tornado to stop and dissipate and it obeyed. Of course, there is no taking into account that this is what tornados naturally do after a while—rarely does a tornado last more than a few minutes.

These false prophets and apostles believe that they have the ability to speak their will into existence in the same way God does. This heresy is rooted in “little god” theology. Little-god theology is the belief that we as humans carry within us the potential to become God or become divine like God. This is not only a heresy found among charismatics, however, but it is also the underlying teaching of Mormonism. A similar doctrine is taught in the Roman Catholic Church—that our future as believers is to partake in the divinity of God and become gods ourselves.


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