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Robert Jeffress Invites Trinity-Denying Heretic to Lead Sunday Worship

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There have been times when I’ve appreciated some of the stances that Southern Baptist megachurch pastor, Robert Jeffress has taken, particularly when it comes to culture and morality. And while we do diverge theologically, his stance against invading heresies like Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory into the Southern Baptist Convention has been strong.

But there have been times when Jeffress does things that just make me cringe. One of those times was when he endorsed the Word of Faith heretic, Paula White and promoted her book on social media.

For those who don’t know who Paula White is, she is a well-known false teacher, a prosperity gospel pimptress, has promoted pornographic videos, and had an (alleged?) affair with another false teacher, Benny Hinn. But Paula White was Jeffress’ partner in the White House as they served together on Trump’s spiritual advisory board.

But now, in his most recent theological compromise, he’s inviting a Trinity-denying heretic to lead his church in worship. That heretic is Charity Gayle. Charity Gayle is a Oneness Pentecostal.

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Note that Oneness Pentecostalism is not to be confused with more orthodox versions of Pentecostalism such as the Assemblies of God. While we have real disagreements with Pentecostalism in general, Oneness Pentecostalism is clearly outside of the bounds of Scripture and cannot, under any circumstances, be treated as a true expression of Christianity.

Oneness Pentecostalism is a branch of the Pentecostal movement that denies the Trinity. It is a heretical movement that teaches that God reveals, or manifests, himself in three ways at different times, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but rejects the belief in three separate and distinct concurrent persons of the Godhead. The oneness Pentecostal theology of the Trinity is strikingly similar to that of the historic heresy known as Sabellianism—or modalism.

Back to Charity Gayle. Charity Gayle, according to her biographies on multiple websites, is the founder of several choir programs at the New Life Center in Buffalo New York where her late grandfather was the pastor.

And in an interview with Creative Mornings, Gayle stated, “I also run a student theatre program here in Buffalo every spring and am on staff as music director at New Life Center in Tonawanda, NY.”

The New Life Center is exclusively and unashamedly Oneness Pentecostal and associated with the United Pentecostal Church (UPC).

She also travels and performs regularly with other Oneness congregations, including Jim Cymbala’s Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In a social media post, Gayle writes that she is “Worshipping God with The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir always reminds me of the ocean.” She continues, “The sound of thousands of voices in unity sounds like its waves and is so powerful!

She then writes, “We love the Cymbalas!” And then asks, “Have you ever been there?” Her post garnered several favorable responses, including some that were thankful for her bringing Oneness Pentecostal theology to the “bride of Christ.”

Perhaps Jeffress was unaware that Gayle is neck-deep in this heresy, and hopefully, that is the case. But hopefully, he will see this or someone else will make him aware and he will not expose his sheep to this poison or feed them to this wolf.


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