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Joel Osteen Demonstrates He Has No Idea What Repentance Is, Church Attendance Slashed Nearly in Half Since COVID

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Talk about cultish! Joel Osteen, a false teacher and fake pastor, is most definitely a cult leader. The followers of Joel Osteen’s ministry do not follow Christ, they follow the man and they are in it for no other reason than to hear the man tickle their ears with his motivational pep talks and uplifting speeches.

Joel Osteen, one of the world’s most famous and prosperous false teachers–estimated to be worth about $100 million–appeared on the Today Show to lecture people who don’t have the luxury of owning a 17 thousand square foot home with an Olympic-size pool on how to be content with what you have.

Osteen, a prosperity gospel charlatan who has made millions of dollars bilking unsuspecting people who continuously give money to his organization in the hopes of receiving material gain from God in return, once compared God to a spare tire that you can use as a back-up when things aren’t going your way.

In a recent interview with the Christian Post, Osteen says that a lot of people that come to listen to him don’t associate him with “church,” a seemingly Freudian slip.

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“My thing is, how do we build the local church? I’m a local pastor … so my thing is not coming in here trying to just make a splash, but I’m going to put people in local churches, and I think this is one of the best ways. A lot of these people that come here, they won’t go to a church, not yet. They’re not ready for it. But you know what? The little bit of influence I have, if they took the time to come here, I think that we can persuade them, and they’ll feel that conviction to say, you know what? I’m going to get into a community of faith. So that’s the goal.”

The point Osteen seemed to have been making is that people go to watch his fiasco because people don’t view it as a church, which is completely accurate. It’s far too large to build any personal relationships, the churn (turnover) rate is extremely high, and it’s nearly impossible to get plugged into any kind of service. But, most importantly, wherever it is he preaches, it is completely devoid of the gospel.

Other admissions that were made during this interview were that attendance has been slashed to nearly 50 percent since the pandemic, thankfully. And the Osteens demonstrated they had no understanding of what true, biblical repentance is, saying:

“Every week, when I’m speaking on television, I’m trying to get people to change their mind, to know that God’s for them, to see themselves as if made in the image of God, not unworthy, not a failure, to change their mind about ‘forgiven,’ to change their mind about living a life of compromise and addiction and not making good decisions. So it’s just a different way to do it.”

“In one sense, I’m preaching repentance every week, because I’m trying to get you to change your mind into what Christ says you are and what the Bible says,” he told the CP. “This is what I feel like I’m called to do.

In a sense, that is repentance. But biblical repentance doesn’t entail changing your mind to believe something else false. It means changing your heart, mind, and attitude to understand the gravity of your sin and to fully trust in Christ’s shed blood on the cross for forgiveness and salvation.


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