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Beth Moore Preaches Sunday Morning at Baptist Megachurch in Houston, Belittles Her Husband

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Beth Moore’s feud with the Southern Baptist Convention didn’t last long. After last year’s departure from the denomination, because it would not allow women to preach in pulpits, she announced that she was “no longer a Southern Baptist” and canceled her contract with LifeWay.

Apparently, that hasn’t stopped her from preaching in Baptist pulpits.

After the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, it became clear that only a small minority of Southern Baptists actually take the Scriptures seriously and believe that the pulpit is reserved for men. The convention declined to take action against Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church which ordained three women to the pastorate last year.

Now that it has become clear that the Southern Baptist Convention will allow women to preach and hold the office of pastorate without correction or discipline, Moore may be seizing the opportunity to preach in a Baptist megachurch in Houston.

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Yesterday, Moore announced she would “have the joy of being at South Main” on Sunday.

She then announced on Sunday that not only was she present at South Main, a Baptist Congregation in Houston that appears on the Southern Baptist Convention’s affiliated church list, but she was “serving there.”

Well, by “serving,” she didn’t just mean “making lunch kits,” she meant preachingโ€”a clear violation of Scripture.

South Main Baptist Church is a megachurch in Houston that is pastored by Steve Wells. And the associate pastor, who goes by the title “Executive Minister,” is…you guessed it…a woman. Her name is Susan Moore. Here is a screenshot of the church’s listing on the SBC church search page as of August 7, 2022:

There is some confusion around whether or not South Main is actually a Southern Baptist church or not, however, it is associated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. And there is no doubt that Beth Moore is truly rebellious to God. Here is Beth Moore preaching the Sunday morning service at South Main as part of the church’s “All Summer Long” series.

She then followed up her Sunday morning sermon by belittling her husband on Twitter:

*This article has been updated to correct the churchโ€™s direct connection with the Southern Baptist Convention. Although the church claims it is no longer affiliated with the SBC, it is affiliated with the Texas Baptists which is subsequently affiliated with the SBC. And the church appears on the SBCโ€™s affiliated church search.


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