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Chicago Seminary Associated With Russell Moore Partners With Garrett Seminary to Offer Master of Divinity in LGBTQ Studies

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Chicago Theological Seminary is a seminary that is academically affiliated with the University of Chicago though it is theologically affiliated with the United Church of Christ, an apostate denomination that has abandoned the gospel in favor of social justice activism. The seminary sits on the Hyde Park campus of the University of Chicago.

Last year, after former ERLC head Russell Moore announced his departure from the Southern Baptist Convention, he also announced that he would be serving as a fellow at the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago, the same school that is affiliated with Chicago Theological Seminary.

Recently, Garrett Theological Seminary, a seminary funded by the United Methodist Church denomination, announced a partnership with the University of Chicago-affiliated seminary, Chicago Theological Seminary, to offer an LGBTQ Studies degree program.

“As a part of our partnership with Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS),” the course announcement reads, “students at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary have the opportunity to complete a concentration in LGBTQ Studies.”

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“Master of Divinity students wishing to complete the concentration will take a minimum of five courses that CTS has identified as an LGBTQ concentration elective. Courses will be offered in a mix of online, intensive, and regular semester courses on the CTS campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Students completing the concentration will have it reflected as a concentration on their Garrett-Evangelical transcripts.”

A sample of the course offerings according to the announcement includes such courses as

  • Homosexuality and the Bible,
  • Queer Theologies,
  • Theory and Theology of the Church: Feminist, Queer, & Ethnographic Approaches,
  • Queering Worship, and
  • Theological and Ethical Perspectives on AIDS and Violence.

Many of these courses, according to the course schedule, are offered directly through the University of Chicago according to the CTS course catalog.

Russell Moore might have to put up with a far-left liberal school that’s teaching pro-LGBTQ, pro-abortion, feminist queer theology, and while he may not be directly involved in the degree program offered at CTS, he is certainly associated with the broader school offering the program. But, hey, at least he doesn’t have to be a part of a denomination with Trump supporters anymore.


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