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How to Cause Racial Division in the Church: Details and Examples

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Apostasy, heresy, Opinion, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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There has been much written on racial reconciliation within the Evangelical Church, particularly when it comes to issues of hostility between the left and the right. The amount of work that has been done to try to bring people of color and white people into unity surpasses nearly every other genre of Christian literature in the last decade. But has it worked?

Compared to ten years ago, people of different ethnicities now say they are further divided than ever before. Despite the work that has been done to reconcile the races, it appears to have had the opposite of the intended effect. Therefore, to correct the plethora of “racial reconciliation” literature available that appears to be incorrect, instead, I’m going to give you examples of how to cause racial strife and show you some examples.

First off, if you want to cause racial strife in the Church, you must be a pastor, minister, or layperson absolutely sold out and dedicated to the cause. Writing such books as Woke Church by Eric Mason, Removing the Stain of Racism from the SBC by Jarvis Williams, or How to Heal the Racial Divide by Derwin Gray is a good start. These books, and these authors, do a fantastic job of hiding the actual effect of their teaching by calling it “racial reconciliation.” By doing so, they can get you to read and follow their advice, thinking it will have a positive effect on race relations when in reality, it is actually causing more racial division.

Here is a blatant example of Derwin Gray encouraging pastors to continue to cause division in their churches by preaching about systemic injustice and racism.

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Here is a perfect example of how to cause racial division in the Church. One way to do so is to point to the historic, orthodox interpretation of the Scriptures and call that “white supremacy.” That way, anyone who applies proper hermeneutics to the Scriptures, tries to read and understand them objectively the way the author intended them, and then believes and attempts to live by them, can be labeled a “racist.” Here, Southern Baptist pastor, Dwight McKissic does just that:

Of course, McKissic constantly complains about the racial division in churches yet never seems to acknowledge that he is the cause of it.

But let’s not just look to McKissic as an example of how to cause racial division. Here is Jarvis Williams, a well-known and prominent professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In the video below, Williams gives us a perfect way to cause racial division and hide it under the guise of a “good cause.” Here, he indicts all white people and paints them all as racists simply by the very virtue of their skin color.

Now, of course, this is a doctrine of demons and is found nowhere in Scripture, yet, Williams builds an ideology of his own around it without allowing for escape. So long as you go along with it, everything is fine but if you reject this demonic ideology, you must be cast out. Is there a better way to cause racial division in the Church? He certainly seems to have this one down pat.

But here are a few more examples, some of them quite ingenious. Here is one so-called “racial trauma counselor” who operates under the guise of anti-racism, but accuses black men who marry white women of being “colonized” by white supremacy:

Here’s a good one. Causing racial division doesn’t get any easier than making blanket, unsubstantiated statements about the bride of Christ.

Gavin Ortlund is a well-known contributor to The Gospel Coalition, an Evangelical outlet that was designed for the purpose of causing racial strife—which brings me to one of the GEAT, or greatest examples of all time by none other than The Gospel Coalition founder, Tim Keller.

Imagine your salvation depended on buying into the racial reconciliation zeitgeist of the day. Well, Tim Keller does a fantastic job of causing racial division by tying your salvation to his social justice movement.

Consider this comment he made,

How do you know you’re really saved by faith? You care about the poor. When you see people without resources, your heart goes out to them. If it doesn’t, maybe you’re saved, but you’re lacking the evidence of salvation.

Here, Keller is subtly tying racial financial inequalities to your salvation. You must support things such as the redistribution of wealth, slave reparations, and social justice welfare programs in order to truly have the marks of a saved person.

And in the final and last examples, arguably the best way to cause racial division in the Church is to tie conservative biblical values to “white supremacy,” and call those who hold to them “racists.” Here, you can be like this pastor who basically says that being anti-abortion is just “white supremacy.”

And then once your movement has made the case that conservative biblical values, like anti-abortionism, are just manifestations of “white supremacy,” then, you go hardcore after white supremacy like this:

Or this:

Or this:

These make you wonder why any of these people would even bother staying in the Church or claiming Christianity at all. But we already know why: they are here to cause racial division and they are good at it.

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