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Feminist “Pastor” Calls for “Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” Blames Mass Incarceration on “White Supremacy”

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Nadia Bolz-Weber may be one of the most controversial people claiming the name of Christ who is still alive today. Next to the Pope of Rome, she is also among the most blasphemous.

Bolz-Weber–who was awarded a golden trophy depicting female genitalia for being the most feminist “pastor” the Church has ever seen–was recently promoted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) to the position of “Pastor of Public Witness.”

Bolz-Weber recently went on a podcast where she asked the insanely stupid rhetorical question, “where is the legislation that makes it illegal for a man to ejaculate inside of a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant?” It should not come as a surprise that she is pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, and clinically depressed.

That’s why she’s out on far-left podcasts around the world making the case that mass incarceration in this nation is because…you guessed it…white supremacy.

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When asked by the podcast hosts, needless to say they’re all a bunch of woke feminists in apostate denominations like the United Methodist Church, about violence and mass incarceration in the United States, it didn’t take long for her to come up with an answer:

I do a lot of speaking in other countries, and if you’re in other, what are called Western developed countries, the ones that we have the most in common with, and you’re an American, you will eventually get the questions. I mean, I swear to God, every time I’m over there, after a while people would be like, “Look, we got an American. We got to ask her these questions.” And the questions they always want to ask me about, they’re like, “Look, there’s so many similarities between our cultures. Can you help us with some things that are very difficult to understand in America?” They want to know about, you can probably guess it, gun laws, mass incarceration, the percentage of our citizens that are incarcerated, and relatedly, the death penalty. These three things, as they’re lived out in the United States of America, are madness to other Western developed.

They cannot understand them. So they’re like, “Nadia, can you help us?” And my answer, and this has been for the last 10 years I’ve been getting these questions when I travel abroad, my answer is like, “You cannot understand these spiritual maladies in our country, unless you’re willing to look at white supremacy. You can’t understand. It is baffling. It is madness. The only way to trace back how in the world are we in a point where we preserve and protect these three things, it always goes back to the unconfessed original sins of our country.”

The spiritual malady in this country has to do with the fact that we’ve never done our work. There’s never been a truth and reconciliation commission.

Of course, clowns like this can’t fathom the possibility that the judgment of God on this nation has to do with our own acts of lawlessness and rebellion against Him. Nothing to do with bowing down and worshiping a golden vagina statue that she had custom made out of purity rings sent in by women who decided to break God’s law.

Nope. It’s all about white supremacy. That is their answer to everything.


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