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Dwight McKissic is Hopelessly Lost Apart From a Miraculous Work of the Holy Spirit

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Of course, we’re all hopelessly lost apart from a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, but there are some who claim to know Christ who has demonstrated beyond all doubt that they have not been changed by the blood of Jesus. I ran across a thread by Dwight McKissic, a Southern Baptist pastor whom I have written about numerous times. In that thread, he compared not allowing women to serve as pastors to white supremacy.

McKissic has not only been a staunch advocate of women pastors but he’s also advocated for the pro-choice position on abortion and has argued that Southern Baptists should allow room for disagreement. Of course, that is a totally unbiblical position and one that only a person completely unfamiliar with the majesty and holiness of Christ our King could espouse.

If all of these tremendous new interpretations of the Scriptures are so true and so important, then why did God leave his church in the dark about them for a couple few thousand years? Nobody heard of these views before the last third of the 20th century. They weren’t even debated because nobody thought of them because the Bible doesn’t even come close to saying anything like what Dwight and his ilk are advocating for.

I don’t know what else to say. It’s a trick of the devil. Label everything that’s actually biblical truth as “white supremacy,” attack white supremacy, and you are attacking the gospel at the same time.

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This is just a simple fact that God, in his sovereignty, chose to use the Western world largely made up of Anglo-Europeans to advance the gospel over the last 500 years since the Reformation—these people just cannot live with the fact. What difference does it make? I certainly do not care. This only happens in the minds of people for whom the melanin count of their skin is their God.

Ironically, it’s exactly the opposite as McKissic and his ilk say—it is them who are forcing cultural norms upon the scriptures. Not the historical church.

These people are committed to postmodern epistemology, even if they don’t understand what that is. They don’t exist in a logical framework where they can be pinned by logic and sound argumentation. They just revert to finger-pointing and name-calling. By design and by their own declaration, evidence is “whiteness.” Logical analysis is “white supremacy.” That means they can believe whatever they want regardless of what the evidence says.

So to the original point, interpreting the text in accordance with the original author’s intent, in their minds, is nothing more than a “white supremacist,” “patriarchal,” “imperialistic,” and “colonizing” interpretation. And unless we allow room for multiple interpretations of the text, rather than an objective interpretation by the one who gave us the text, then we’re just simply “racists” that must be written off and ignored.

I really hope that Dwight will repent of his idolatry and turn to Christ. We should pray for him.


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