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TGC Contributor Says We Should Have Allowed Hitler to Kill Millions of People Without Opposition

by | Jul 29, 2022

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The Gospel Coalition, which has practically completely abandoned the gospel in favor of social justice activism, has been running a series of debates called Good Faith Debates. So far, these many of these debates have consisted of many social and political arguments with a staunch leftist defending the progressive position and a moderate or weak-minded conservative attempting to defend the conservative position.

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Such is the case in a recent debate between Andrew Wilson and Bob Thune about gun control.

In this debate, Wilson, the pastor of King’s Church in London debates Bob Thune, a council member for TGC who lives in Nebraska. Wilson takes a strong anti-gun position in the debate and makes a few breathtakingly amazing and mind-boggling Scripture-twisting arguments about self-defense and the defense of others.

One of those mind-numbingly stupid arguments he makes is that Christians should be completely pacifist about defense, including self-defense, and “just trust God” when we see evil taking place instead of engaging in “violent” acts of defense. As part of that argument, he made the case that Christians should have just stood by and allowed Hitler to kill millions of Jews without opposition.

“I think when you have Hitler and Nazism wanted to steamroll everybody, you’d go okay, that’s, uh, I think we’re as close as we can be to saying, that’s a very, very bad man,” Wilson said. “And a lot of very, very bad things are going to happen if he’s in charge, but and so as that sense, it follows us. It’s like the reductio ad absurdum of the pacifist position.”

“And I think you as a pacifist, you, you basically swallow it,” Wilson continued, ” and you say, Yeah, that might mean Britain had been invaded, they might or might not be speaking German, maybe. I think the world would be I have to trust this the providence of God, I have to, I have to ultimately say, This is what Romans 12 is doing. So you don’t do these things. Because Vengeance is mine is mine therapy.”

He then went on to compare killing Hitler to Jesus’ death on the cross, stating “So then Jesus Himself, of course, crucified, but you know, in a sort of, as an example, to be humiliated as an example of Roman state power. So I don’t think it’s I don’t think World War Two is the conversation. I’m not saying you’re using it this way, or you are, I don’t think it’s the conversation stopper, it can seem like Well, obviously, you had to kill Hitler, didn’t you? And then from there, we reasoned out to owning AR fifteens, or whatever, I think, no, I’m not even going to accept that.”

He then concluded with “So I don’t it sounds very weird in our world to say, let Hitler invade, you know, bring it on, and trust it to God.”



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