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SBC Pastor Says The More Ethnically Diverse a Church Becomes, the More Holy and Pure it Becomes

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What a mockery of the Bride of Christ and what a shameful thing to say. There is not a single verse in Scripture that could substantiate this fact. The notion that the Holiness or Purity of the bride of Christ depends on its ethnic, socio-economic, or generational diversity and not solely on the blood of Christ is completely absurd and ungodly.

Yet, that’s what Southern Baptist pastor of Cross United Church in Florida recently said on Twitter.

What does this logic conclude? Every rural church in America and every church in every non-Western nation are impure and unholy.

Yet, this is the type of rhetoric that is driving much of Evangelicalism today—especially the Southern Baptist Convention. To these social justice Evangelical elites, the gospel and salvation aren’t the goals and the glory of God isn’t the endgame. To them, it’s all about diversity, a carnal and worldly pursuit.

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While multiethnicity is not the goal of the gospel, it is a natural byproduct of the gospel when it is being preached to all tribes, tongues, and nations. However, while these people with different backgrounds can come together, it is not a prerequisite to holiness or purity. It is that the people of this church have abandoned their culture to embrace one culture far superior–the culture of Christianity.

Preach the gospel where you are, the elect will respond in God’s time, and the local bodies in that area will reflect that. Making some kind of racial ethnic and cultural diversity the measure of anything is simply wokeism draped in a flimsy transparent biblical veneer—it’s a preconceived idea that somebody wants to try to give biblical authority to.

What is clear is that nowhere does the Word of God say that the demographic makeup of your church in itself is a measure of holiness or purity. This is a doctrine of demons.


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