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SBC Pastor Says LGBTQ Organizations Are Leading the Industry in Sex Abuse, Performing Mercy, Helping

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The most egregious form of sex abuse that exists in this fallen world is the LGBTQ movement. This movement, according to Romans 1, is not only one of the most heinous sins a society can fall into, but it is, in fact, the judgment for sin itself. Romans 1 makes it clear that the LGBTQ movement is perverse, destructive to society, and that God abhors it, and without repentance and turning to Christ, a nation who embraces it will be destroyed—and God has already proven that he will follow through with that in Sodom and Gomorrah.

In America, this movement is desperately attempting to indoctrinate everyone into not only accepting but celebrating and joining their lifestyle. They are entering schools, grooming children, and sending the most perverse of men dressed in drag to handle, fondle, and flirt with preschoolers in schools, libraries, and even churches. This movement is subversive and aims to groom everyone from young children to even adults into believing that their movement is benign and loving.

Sadly, some Southern Baptist pastors are falling for it as we continually find Southern Baptist and Evangelical leaders defending the movement and overlooking the sin of this movement by giving them a pass and saying that they’re doing “good things.” Southern Baptist pastor and blogger at SBC voices, Mike Leake, is doing just that. In an article he wrote at SBC Voices titled A Pastor, A Christian Counselor, and an LBGTQ+ Affirming Advocate Come Upon a Hurting Survivor, he started off by painting a picture, twisting the parable of the Good Samaritan, by stating that a hurting abuse survivor came upon Christians and found no help. He then says that she found help with an LGBTQ organization. He writes:

But an LGBTQ-affirming sexual abuse advocate found her and had compassion. She understood all the dynamics of abuse and for the first time was able to name what happened to this young woman. It wasn’t a consensual affair. It was abuse. She had been groomed and manipulated into these actions. This youth pastor knew what he was doing. This LGBTQ+ affirming advocate walked with the young woman through reporting the abuse, finding helpful counseling, and pursuing justice. For the first time in a long time she was climbing out of that ditch.

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Which of these three, do you think, proved to be a neighbor to the woman who fell among the youth pastor?

He then linked to the parable of the Good Samaritan and rephrased Jesus’ words as follows:

He said, “The one who actually helped.” And Jesus said to him, “You go, and do likewise.”

He concluded by stating that even though the “Samaritan”—or in his case, the LGBTQ organization—had deficient theology, they are affirmed by Jesus because they did this “good” thing. Leake writes:

LGBTQ+ affirming organizations are often leading the industry in sexual abuse response, training, etc. They are “doing mercy”. They are trauma-informed and survivor-centered. They are helping.

No, they are not helping—they are grooming. And they have groomed Southern Baptist leaders into believing them. They want you to believe they are helping. They want you to believe they are doing mercy. They want you to believe that they are leading the way in sex abuse response. That way, you will overlook their sin and join them, hire them, work with them—normalize them.

This is very similar to the absurd woke church argument that the Democrat candidate was a better choice over Donald Trump because he, unlike Trump, held the moral high ground when it came to social media etiquette or how he spoke about Rosie O’Donnell. Never mind the fact that the Democrat wants to kill babies, indoctrinate children into LGBTQ, and strip all of our freedoms including the right to worship. We can overlook that because, well, mean tweets and stuff.

Sadly, Mike Leake has fallen for it. He has been groomed.

You should go read the entire article. Right off the bat, this entire article is completely man-centered. There is no mention of the glory and honor of God in Christ or how best to serve him. It’s all about this poor victim and what’s the best way for them to not feel guilty in abandoned The whole spirit of this article is pickled and wokeism and social justice, where the primary motivation is self-exulting and do-good-ism rather than honoring and glorifying God.

The biggest problem here is that the author is overlooking the fact that LGBTQ in and of itself is the most destructive and heinous form of sex abuse that there is in the eyes of God and that one of the main tactics of the LGBTQ movement is to groom people into believing that their movement is benign BY doing these “good things.”

It is true if that the person in this story was manipulated and taken advantage of, that can be acknowledged while at the same time pointing out that she also has her own sinful response to the seduction to deal with, and that God will forgive her and cleanse her of all unrighteousness if she confesses it. Leake makes it sound like the only two options are beating her down as a slutty seductress, or letting the whole thing go. That’s a false dichotomy.

The goal in this situation, or any situation, should not be about us and how we can feel righteous by helping somebody. The goal should be what the Scriptures say and how can we obey God in this situation and help lead someone else into obedience as well.


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