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Pastor Preaches That We Wouldn’t Have Abortion if the Church Ordained Women Pastors Before the 20th Century

by | Jul 18, 2022

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The world hates God and blames God for all of its problems. The world seeks answers outside of God and His word for guidance and for hope. But it is a whole new phenomenon that all of the “woke” progressive churches of this century have completely abandoned the gospel and the truth of God’s word for their own doctrines of demons and traditions of men.

Pastor Brandon Cormier of Zeal Church in Colorado Springs, in a sermon from May prior to the Supreme Court ruling, preached a message declaring the absurd notion that we would not have abortions today if the Church had begun ordaining women to the pastorate prior to the 19th century.

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“Then come a movement called feminism saying God hates you, Christianity is not for you, let’s make our own thing, my body my choice, all of these different things,” Cormier preached, “because the Church failed to validate and affirm and give women a seat of authority.”

Of course, this is completely absurd and the exact opposite of not only what the Scripture teaches, but what the evidence has produced. In fact, it is only in churches where women have been ordained to the pastorate that abortion is celebrated, LGBTQ people are affirmed, and feminism is rampant. It is not in traditional, biblical conservative churches where these things are found.



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