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Charismatic “Prophetess” Says God Allowed Trump to Lose so God Could Reveal Himsel to Trump

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Amanda Grace, a becoming-more-popular New Apostolic Reformation charismatic “prophetess,” has been making waves in recent months with her outlandish “prophecies” that amount to nothing more than absurd fairy tales.

In a recent interview with Steve Schultz of Elijah List—who is best known for hosting the pink-haired prophetess, Kat Kerr—Amanda Grace tells Steve that the reason God allowed Donald Trump to lose the election was so that God could reveal Himself to Trump.

Echoing the sentiments of the Lord revealing himself to Moses on Mt. Sanai, Amanda Grace’s recounting of her vision about Trump is just too absurd.

That’s why he’s hidden away as well.

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The Lord is dealing with these things and he’s working this out with President Trump right now and dealing with it and President Trump…is…in a way…being afforded the private time to deal with this with the Lord.

And for the Lord to really reveal Himself to President Trump in a way perhaps that he’s not being so distracted and pulled in a million directions.

While we certainly hope and pray for the repentance and salvation of President Trump and of all people, there is no evidence that what Grace is saying is true.


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