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Bethel Church Selling a “Declaration Clicker” to Tabulate Your “Declarations” and “Increase Your Faith”

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If you’re familiar with the cult of Bethel Redding, you’re aware that they’re known for their gimmicks such as practicing grave sucking (or grave soaking) whereby people lay on the graves of dead people to “soak” the anointing from them.

Bethel also puts glitter in the air vents and, somehow, the people of the congregation are duped into believing that it’s a manifestation of the Holy Spirit floating around inside the sanctuary. And most recently, Bethel has been moving to fully embrace Roman Catholicism. It’s really weird stuff that you can read about at this link.

Bethel’s gospel is false as they are major proponents of the prosperity gospel. The Prosperity Gospel—also known as “Health and Wealth Gospel,” “Name it and Claim it,” and “Word of Faith”—is a perversion of the biblical gospel that teaches that the primary purpose of Jesus’ death and resurrection is to create material gain for those who have enough “faith” speak it into existence with their own words. Hence, the name, “word of faith.” This false teaching is called positive confession and exists throughout charismatic churches like Bethel.

But now, Bethel is mirroring the Roman Catholic Church by selling items nearly identical to the indulgences which sparked the Protestant Reformation—only different.

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In their online store, Bethel Church is selling for ten dollars what they are calling a “declarations clicker.” According to the description, the declarations clicker “is a powerful and practical tool to help believers renew their minds with truth by helping them tabulate the number of times they speak biblically based declarations.”

The description continues:

Bill Johnson has said that “physical obedience brings spiritual release.” Many have found that the physical act of clicking a tally counter while speaking declarations dramatically increases faith in the truth being spoken. As you augment what you speak with the declarations clicker, you will transform what you believe, which will ultimately change what you experience in life (Romans 12:2). Start renewing your mind with your words of hope today and watch your life be transformed!

Of course, that’s absurd, because there is no such thing as a “biblically based declaration” as we don’t decree or declare anything. That is God’s job and God alone speaks anything into existence. We ask, and God gives according to His will and His decree, not ours.


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