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Bethel Pastor Shares Ridiculous Testimony of Waitress Being “Activated” For Guessing What Customers Wanted

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Bethel Church in Redding, California, is pastored and co-pastored by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton, respectively, who believe themselves to be prophets and Apostles of God. Bethel is well-known for its debunked “manifestations” of the Holy Spirit, including its infamous spectacle known as “glory clouds.” The “glory cloud” spectacle has been thoroughly debunked and its various other acts of blasphemy, like grave sucking, have been shown to be contra-biblical and heterodox.

As we’ve explained before, Bethel Redding is essentially a cult that revolves around the visions of its two main “Apostles” while minimizing the truth of Scripture. Its livelihood depends on the fantastic tales relayed by its pastors as “revelations” from God coupled with the “experience” of worship through its deep emotionally-stimulating music.

Bethel also runs a “Supernatural” school called the School of the Prophets where they claim to train “prophets” and “apostles” for ministry. And as part of the school, they will share the supposed “testimonies” of quacks, false prophets, and people who appear to be mentally ill and prop their crazy experiences up as “prophecies” and “supernatural acts” of the Holy Spirit.

In fact, in one ridiculously stupid testimony from a “prophetic deliverance minister” who was trained at Bethel, she claims that while she was in a mental hospital, Jesus walked into her room, climbed up in the bed with her, and started playing with her hair and telling her a bunch of crazy things to build her self-esteem. In another stupid testimony from Vallotton himself, he claims that Jesus walked into the bathroom while he was laid up in the bathtub and started telling him about his destiny and future as a prophet and apostle.

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Now, in a recent blog post from Vallotton, he recounts the testimony of two people claiming to be prophets who said that while in a restaurant, a waitress guessed what they wanted off the menu when they then realized that this was a person being “activated” in the Holy Spirit simply because of their presence.

Vallotton writes, “Another student shared this profound testimony:”

“After the last session, my wife and I felt filled with the Spirit. We went to dinner at a diner in the Hilltop neighborhood. A waitress seated us and gave us menus. When she came back to take our orders, she looked at my wife and said; “I know what you want, you want the fish and chips.” My wife said “That’s right.” The waitress got excited and then turned to me and said; “Well then, I’ll bet you want a Reuben.” I said; “That’s right.” She got really excited and started running around the whole restaurant telling everyone that she had guessed the whole order for two customers. We talked about this later and realized that this was an instance of someone being activated by the presence of Spirit-filled prophets. This was the same as King Saul being activated when he entered the company of prophets.

It doesn’t surprise me and it shouldn’t surprise you that these crazy lunatics at the Bethel cult run around spreading this nonsense. But it saddens me that so many people believe this stuff and fall for it. God’s strongest judgment and wrath are reserved for those false teachers who lead people astray and never repent and turn to Christ, but we should pray for the repentance and faith of all who have been deceived by Bethel and its false prophets.


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