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SBC Pastor Blames “White Supremacy” for Shooting as Shooter Wears “Trump for Prison” T-Shirt

by | Jul 5, 2022

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The Southern Baptist Convention’s resident race-baiter and Critical Race Theorist, Dwight McKissic, retweeted a tweet blaming the shooting in Chicago last night on far-right extremism and “white supremacy.” But even a cursory look at what happened, and by just looking at the shooter, anyone with half a brain will instantly realize that the person they’re looking at is the exact opposite of what they’re trying to paint him as. In fact, it’s abundantly clear that this person is a far-left lunatic.

Here is the tweet that Dwight McKissic retweeted:

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Upon looking into this person’s history, his pictures, and his social media, it is abundantly clear that not only is this guy a far-left lunatic, but he far more closely identifies with ANTIFA beta-male types. Take a look at these images:


So here is the image that these clowns are trying to say “prove” that he was a Trump-loving white supremacist:

But a closer look at the picture reveals that this is actually a “Trump for Prison” flag similar to the one below that he’s wearing as a cape as he covers the American flag with a black trash bag. Does that sound like something a “white supremacist” would do?

Of course, the resident race-baiters will ALWAYS jump to conclusions and look for anything they can to sow discord and division in the Church. This is why it is desperately prudent to disfellowship these people, like Dwight McKissic, who continue to create obstacles among the brethren.



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