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Illinois Shooter’s Mom an Occultist who Sells “Cultural & Religious Programming” Services

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Following the Illinois July 4 massacre that took place at the hands of a troubled young man, Bobby Crimo, many have been looking into this kid’s homelife. Several have already jumped to conclusions and immediately began blaming “white supremacy” and “Trump” for the massacre. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A simple perusal of this kid’s upbringing answers many questions, but also raises more.

First off, who is Bobby Crimo’s mother? Well, her name is Denise Pesina and she appears to be a new age occultist who offers training and products through a website online called Trilogy Energy Systems.


On her website, it states:

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Trilogy Energy Systems is committed to the wellbeing of ALL energy systems. A FULL SPECTRUM HEALING cooperative.​

We are not defined by our present situation, emotional, physical, or life circumstance. It is in our Divine ability to change all of these things. You are Divine and possess these Divine resources, regardless of your life situation. I know this, because I have healed myself through these methods. Remember, it is possible to heal!

And products and services for the following conditions include

• Chronic Issues/ Pain

• Mood & Mental Illness

• Trauma

• Repressed Energy

• Cultural & Religious Programming

• Karmic Resonance

• Dark Spirit & Energy Work

• Psychic Awakening & Development 

• Negative Cycles/ Addictions

• Grief

One could only wonder if this guy’s mother’s influence had anything to do with the state of mind he was in. She practiced almost every religion known to man, plus some, except for Christianity.​

I guess this kills the notion that only far-right Trump-loving white supremacist Christian nationalist extremists carry out mass shootings. But we all already knew that wasn’t true anyway.


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