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Russell Moore’s “Justice” Conference Featured Multiple Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Speakers

by | Jul 1, 2022

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Russell Moore, the former “ethicist” for the Southern Baptist Convention who is practically anything but ethical, will be featured in an upcoming conference in Chicago titled “What Hath Justice to do With Righteousness?” The conference was hosted by ERLC contributor and Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago pastor, Charlie Dates and claims that it is “bringing together preachers and practitioners (lawyers, activists, writers) to help raise up a new generation to lead the fight for justice rooted in righteousness.”

And while the event is largely associated with prominent Evangelicals with ties to the “conservative” denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Presbyterian Church (PCA), nearly every speaker at this event is pro-choice.

Thanks to Protestia for digging up this information, here are the receipts for this event’s speakers’ views on abortion.

First up is Rev Dr. Otis Moss III, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ where Barak Obama attended when Jeremiah Wright, the pastor who famously said “G** D*** America,” used to preach. In a recent sermon adorned with pride flags and rainbow splatter, Moss said the following words:

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This decision opens the door to states restricting what is known as gay marriage, states restricting interracial marriage, states restricting contraception. The state’s restricting in-vitro fertilization. But one of the biggest pieces that no one is talking about is that this decision opens the door for states to restrict the voting rights of black people..

…they said that the Constitution doesn’t speak explicitly about it, so therefore, we will give it to the state. Well, if you have a state or states that we already know have legislators who are functioning with a political agenda, let me say racist agenda, then they now have the power to restrict the rights of people, especially those of African descent.

Start listening to his pro-abortion speech at around the 31:00 minute mark in the video below:

Next up is Fredrick Haynes. Haynes is the pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church. In 2012 he famously supported Obama’s stance on supporting gay marriage. Not only is he pro-homosexual, but he is also pro-choice, as he writes on Twitter. Here, Haynes complains about 25 white men who “dictated what women can do with their bodies.”

He also said in a recent sermon complaining about the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe:

This past week, we heard several rulings come down from the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court that was basically put together; it really is illegitimate if we’re honest with ourselves, because there are stolen seats on that court.

…Because there are one-issue people who find themselves in churches across this country celebrating today, because they are one-issue people. Why? They call themselves pro-life. No, you’re not really pro-life. That’s an illusion, an illusion that masks the truth and the reality that you are one-dimensional persons… and that you are playing a power game of control, especially control over the bodies of others, the bodies of women, and that my sisters and brothers is what we cannot forget.

…(this woman) recognized that that whole anti-abortion piece had nothing to do with pro-life, it has everything to do with denying reproductive justice, bodily autonomy….So don’t tell me that you’re pro-life. No, you are pro-fetus. Don’t tell me you’re pro-life, you are pro-birth. Don’t tell me you are pro-life and let me talk to my bass-ackwards black folk who find themselves now jumping on board and saying ‘yes, this is a good thing because the nation is finally rising up to protect the unborn, the nation ain’t doing a damn thing to protect black-born people in this country.”

Christina Edmondson may not be overtly pro-choice, but is certainly pro-choice by proxy by insisting that instead of fighting to make abortion illegal, instead, we should be advocating for free handouts in exchange for women keeping their children. This notion seems to be the central theme in the Evangelical faux “pro-life” movement—it is merely pro-choice disguised as pro-life.

This should come as no surprise since Edmondson, who is agreeing with Jemar Tisby here, appears to align her beliefs with Jemar’s. Jemar Tisby is the founder of the Black Christian collective known as The Witness. Jemar Tisby’s colleague at The Witness has expressed overt support for abortion, repeating the Clinton mantra, “safe, legal, and rare.”

download (1)

And, as reported by Protestia, the remainder of these speakers at this conference, while not expressing overtly pro-choice rhetoric, have aligned themselves with the progressive movements that ultimately support the pro-choice movement as a whole.

Bree Newsome is famous for scuttling up the flagpole and removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house grounds after the Charleston church shooting and getting arrested. She is radical in her beliefs, being openly against capitalism and wants to abolish all police and prisons. She has tweeted a hundred times since the May 3rd leak about all sort social justice issues, but has not mentioned anything about abortion.

David W. Swanson is the pastor of New Community Covenant Church and author of Rediscipling the White Church. In a book review by Neil Shenvi, he surmises that the message of the book is “Whites are broken, tainted, corrupt, complicit, and in need of repair.” From May 3rd, when the news of the overturning of Roe leaked, until today, despite tweeting hundreds of times about issues of gun violence and justice and racial issues, he has not mentioned it once, nor has he said it in his newsletter.

Esau McCaulley is an associate pastor at Wheaton College and a Theologian in Residence at the hosting church, Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago. Since the Roe v Wade decision leaked on May 3rd, he did not write anything about it on his Facebook page, and none of his Twitter posts mention anything about it; instead choosing to tweet a lot about gun violence and his newest book.

Lisa Fields is the founder of the Jude 3 Project and produced the documentary Unspoken. She has tweeted hundreds of times since the May 3rd leak, promoting her work, gun violence, the shooting in Uvalde, the Buffalo shooting, and retweeting Truth Table events, but nothing about abortion or the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Raymond Chang is a pastor and the President of the Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC). We can’t see his posts after the May 3rd SCOTUS leak. Still, he posted a few dozen times since the overturning of Roe v. Wade came down, tweeting out about the second amendment ruling the day before, but has not mentioned anything about abortion.

And this is who Russell Moore associates himself with? I’ve warned for 9 years that Russell Moore was a dangerous, far-left political operative who infiltrated the SBC to spread his progressive poison in the Church. It wasn’t until a few years ago that people began to listen and pay attention. Sadly, Moore’s damage has already been done—but the warnings we’re putting out now about the new people in charge are still not being heeded.

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