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Leaked Scene From Disney’s Upcoming Kid’s Show, Baymax, Depicts “Transgender Man” Recommending Tampons

by | Jun 29, 2022

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Disney is on an epic crusade to transform the entire world into Sodom and Gomorrah as it continues to promote aberrant sexual lifestyles and feed it to children as young as toddlers.

In a leaked video of Disney’s upcoming children’s show, Baymax, a character with a male voice is in a store who asked another shopper which tampons she recommends. This then led to several other shoppers coming up to the character and giving him their opinion on which tampons they thought were best.

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One of those other shoppers was a depiction of a “transgender man” (a woman who “transitioned” to a man) wearing a t-shirt with the transgender flag offering advice as well.

To be clear, I do not believe that any amount of boycotting or any other opposition toward this from large companies like Disney is going to deter this movement. I believe that these companies have experts who have weighed the national consensus on this and that the majority of Americans either don’t care or are positively moved by this stuff.



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