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Anti-Social Justice Pastor, Tom Buck: “No Doubt in My Mind” There Will be a Split in the Southern Baptist Convention

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The call for division in the Church is sometimes biblically necessary as the Bible calls for unity among the brethren, to be of one mind and of one accord. The Bible calls us to be united around the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ — which is the most important message in the world. We are to be salt and light in a world overwhelmed with darkness. However, there are certain things where a division in the Church actually becomes a defining of the Church.

Paul commands Churches and Christians to separate from false teachers — those who hold to and promote aberrant doctrines and teachings. He also commands us to purge those who persist in unrepentant sin from the ranks of our churches. There are at least three issues brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention that, if dealt with biblically, should ultimately lead to a separation and purge.

Over the years, we have documented heavily the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention and its desperate need for either top-to-bottom reform or for faithful churches to leave the denomination altogether. While there have been good arguments from some like Rod Martin for staying to fight rather than handing over control of all of the institutions to the leftists, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no winning this fight for conservatives.

Three of the primary controversies brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention that are causing division include various factions of feminism, which manifests as egalitarianism in the Church. Also the growing influence of the LGBTQ movement and, most of all, the social justice movement. And there is an ever-dwindling tolerance among the leftist elites for the rank-and-file conservative Southern Baptists. Just this past week, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution denouncing any effort to seek criminal penalties for women who willingly choose to have an abortion and instead suggesting that abortion is currently necessary and it is our job to provide social services to bribe mothers into keeping their children.

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A prominent false teacher, Rick Warren, who pastors(ed) the second largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention, ordained three women to the pastorate last year in contradiction to the denomination’s stated beliefs. He was then given unlimited mic time at the annual meeting to give himself grand accolades on all of his accomplishments which led to the convention’s refusal to disfellowship the apostate church.

Further, the Southern Baptist Convention just elected a radical Obama-supporting dunce to one of its highest offices as Tony Evans took the stage to deny the orthodox view of the Trinity—uncontested.

And not only did the Southern Baptist Convention’s sex abuse task force hire a pro-LGBTQ law firm to represent them during the sex abuse investigation, but they also hired a pro-LGBTQ firm to carry out the investigation and judge rather or not the SBC is acting in a righteous manner.

But at the forefront of the SBC’s slide to the left is its embrace of Critical Race Theory. In 2019, the SBC passed resolution 9 declaring that Critical Race Theory is a useful analytical tool for deciding whether or not white people are racist and how to deal with them effectively.

It should come as no surprise, then, that conservatives are growing increasingly fed up with the leftward drift and are ready to bail. And that’s exactly what Texas pastor, Tom Buck, predicts:


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