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Former SBC Prez, JD Greear, Praises False Teacher, Andy Stanley, in Stanley’s New Book

by | Jun 12, 2022 | Apostasy, News, Politics, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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For those who believe that there is no liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention, Andy Stanley’s new book, Not In It To Win It, was released last month and has received glowing accolades from the likes of former Southern Baptist Convention president, JD Greear. Stanley’s book, which we wrote about in April, is essentially a call for superficial unity—not biblical unity—between conservatives and progressives.

“Isn’t it true that nothing divides us quite like politics?” Stanley asked in the trailer promoting his book. “Do you know why nothing divides us quite like politics? Because nothing divides us quite like fear. And unfortunately, the current political climate is fueled by so much fear.”

We know that Andy Stanley is a false teacher who has biblical Christianity so wrong that it would be impossible based on his own testimony, doctrine, and preaching to conclude that he is actually a Christian. In fact, one of Andy Stanley’s most grievous heresies is his teaching on the authority–or lack of authority–of the Scriptures. Stanley separates the Word of God from God himself and teaches that the Scriptures are not the foundation of our faith nor should we look to the Scriptures as the final authority. Instead, he teaches, that we should look to Jesus.

Stanley also teaches that the Ten Commandments don’t apply to Christians. “We need to stop mixing the old with the new,” Andy Stanley said in an op-ed at Relevant Magazine, “the church has a terrible habit of selectively rebranding aspects of the old covenant and smuggling them into the new.”

But his heresies don’t end with his hostility toward the Scriptures. Andy Stanley has also embraced a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist worldview including in his church. Andy Stanley once told the mother of an openly-gay and practicing lesbian that her daughter was saved.

This is why we are certain that the type of unity that men like former SBC JD Greear is completely superficial and based not on their supposed Christian faith, but completely and totally on their mutual social agendas. In the praise section of Stanley’s new book is the illustrious applause of Greear who says that “even in places where you come to different conclusions than Andy, you’ll be richer for having wrestled through these issues.”

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Let’s just be clear—the primary “place” I come to different conclusions with Andy Stanley is the gospel. Stanley preaches another gospel, a false gospel. And under the authority of Scriptures—which Andy Stanley wholly rejects—he is accursed in the eyes of God and to be treated as an outcast according to the Word of God.

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