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Liberty U Hires Walmart, Goldman Sachs “Diversity Expert” as Executive VP of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

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Evangelicals are never more than right behind the culture when it comes to social justice. Whatever the progressive left does politically, the progressive left Church soon follows suit. Spearheaded by outlets such as The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, such leftist ideologies as “racial justice” have made deep inroads into the Evangelical Church and the movement has replaced the gospel with carnal works.

An extremely sad trend is that once conservative Christian organizations are now following the culture, going “woke,” and embracing social justice. The language that is often used in these newly-woke organizations are buzzwords like “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” While the terminology itself is designed to sound like a noble endeavor on the front, underneath lies a wicked ideology that is rooted in rebellion against a biblical worldview.

The language itself is Marxist.

One of the up and rising buzzwords of the social justice movement is “equity.” When people hear the word “equity,” it’s easy to conflate this with “equality.” They do not mean the same thing. Succinctly stated, equity is equality of outcome, as opposed to equal treatment or equal opportunity. In other words, equity ensures that all people are treated or propped up as much as they need to be to achieve equal results.

So then why is a Christian university like Liberty University creating an Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? And worse, why are they hiring a man who spearheaded the diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at large corporations like Walmart and Goldman Sachs to lead this office? The short answer: they’ve gone woke. They’ve embraced the secular social justice movement and replaced the gospel with this rampant disease.

According to a press release at Liberty University:

Shon Muldrow is the Executive Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, serving as Liberty’s Chief Diversity Officer. He is responsible for establishing inclusive institutional objectives and programming in the areas of community engagement, training, development, recruitment, retention, and accommodation. Muldrow has extensive experience in building inclusive environments at some of the world’s largest companies, including Walmart and Goldman Sachs.

His job at Liberty University’s Office of Equity and Inclusion is:

  • Upholding Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act while promoting a biblically based perspective regarding the diversity of God’s kingdom as reflected in our campus culture.
  • Maintaining equity and fostering inclusion as accomplished with the foremost goal of glorifying God.
  • Provide training, support, and community-building opportunities for leadership, faculty, staff, and students utilizing the most up to date content on diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies.
  • Increasing student engagement and retention, faculty/staff research and publication, leadership awareness and responsiveness, and overall campus compliance and safety.

According to his LinkedIn page, Muldrow served as Senior Manager II of Diversity and Strategy at Walmart for almost two years as he “oversaw diversity strategy for 1.2MM associates and reporting of diversity metrics by making proposals for transformational change and updates to diversity programs and metrics,” and “led deployment of diversity strategy and plans by monitoring progress towards Walmart U.S. goals and making adjustments as needed.”

A quick perusal of Walmart’s diversity, equity, and inclusion program on the Walmart website shows that following Muldrow’s tenure, the retail giant now offers several “associate resource groups” where employees can bond together around a certain physical, emotional, or social characteristic, including: Asian Pacific Associates Network, Black African American Resource Group, FAVOR (interfaith), inABLE (disability), LatinX Network, PRIDE (LGBTQA+), Tribal Voices Indigenous Associate Resource Group, Walmart SERVES (veteran and military families), and the Women’s Resource Community. The ARGs originated at the Walmart Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas and have since grown to have a strong presence at eCommerce and technology offices in California and New Jersey as well as satellite locations nationwide.

Walmart also celebrates its status as #6 on the Top Companies for LGBTQ Employees, and their work to support diverse communities includes: Building off a long philanthropic relationship with PFLAG, an organization for LGBTQ+ people and their families and allies, in 2020 the Walmart Foundation provided a grant to support PFLAG in strengthening and expanding their programming into more communities with a focus on communities of color and creating digital supports and assets to ensure people can connect to each other during the pandemic.

Parents, beware that if you send your children to Liberty University, this school is now completely embracing the language and tactics of the far-left social justice agenda to transform this school into exactly what the culture wants this school to look like. This school, while trying to cloak this movement in Christian language, is no different than the pagan world and its institutions.


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