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Former Acts 29 Director Says Most Terror in the World is Committed by Right Wing White Supremacists

by | May 23, 2022 | News, Politics, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Leonce Crump, an Acts 29 pastor and former executive leader of Matt Chandler’s Acts 29 network says that 70 percent of violent terrorism committed is by right-wing white supremacists.

While there are statistics that demonstrate that more mass shootings are carried out by white people in the U.S. than other ethnic groups, this narrow statistic is misleading as it only focuses on a narrow factor making up a very small percentage of all violent crime in the nation.

We can only surmise that his purpose for manipulating the statistics in this way is for the purpose of advancing the false narrative that white supremacy is our nation’s biggest problem when, in fact, actual statistics accounting for all violent crime tell a completely different story. This isn’t to downplay the actual problems where it exists—white supremacy included—but let’s not kid ourselves, his conclusions are simply false.


Violent crime is a huge problem in the nation and the reason it is perpetuated isn’t because of white supremacy, it’s because of Democrat policies. Democrats have emboldened criminal actors of any ethnicity to carry out violent crimes by stripping law-abiding citizens of their rights to protect themselves. Where do most violent mass shootings take place? In schools where law-abiding citizens, teachers, and administrators have been stripped of their rights by Democrats to carry weapons and defend themselves and students against those who don’t actually care about gun laws.

Inner cities, like Chicago and New York, are littered with violent crime due to insane Democrat policies limiting the people and police in their power to defend themselves and others. When we actually wake up and see the real problem, we can end gun violence overnight. But it isn’t going to happen by chasing false narratives.

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