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“Christian Atheist” Says She’d Rather Have an Abortion Than Allow Her Kids To Be Adopted By White Evangelicals

by | May 19, 2022 | Abortion, Apostasy, Feminism, News, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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Self-described “Christian Atheist,” Jo Luehmann, has said that she’d rather have an abortion than allow her kids to be adopted by White Evangelicals.

Luehmann, an actual, literal foolish person, has been heralded by the left as an esteemed “brilliant” woman of color. Interestingly, she is so brilliant that understanding simple things like “only women can get pregnant” are so far below her pay grade that she simply doesn’t waste her time with it.

Writing on her Instagram page, she says “Please understand this is why adoption is further not an option for me. Adoption is not a solution to abortion. Period.” She then goes on to lambast the racist, sexist, misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ system of oppression in America—the one that made her, a pro-sodomy woman of color, rich—as the primary reason she wouldn’t want her children adopted by White Evangelicals.

“White and Christian supremacy kill people of the global majority,” Luehmann blathered. “They kill LGBTQ+ people. They kill religious minorities. Why would I give a Brown child who could (and likely will) be queer and may have no interest in Christianity to people who’ll teach them they are inadequate in most all of their identities?”

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. And why is she still walking, talking, and blathering about on social media again? Shouldn’t she be sitting around somewhere oppressed? Silenced? Suffering in a life-long state of trauma and self-hatred?

“People who think not coming to this world is the worst that can happen to a zygote have never had to experience the excruciating realities of systemic oppression,” she continued prattling. “Not existing isn’t the worst that can happen for MANY Black, Brown, queer, non-Christian folks. In this oppressive dumpster fire it absolutely is love to choose an abortion for marginalized folks.”

Okay, I get it. The best way to end the “oppression” of marginalized people is to end their existence altogether. Folks, people like this woman hate you. They hate white people and they hate people of color. If you don’t recognize by now that people like Luehmann pose an existential threat to people of color, you are naive. But it doesn’t just end with her—so many progressives in the Church have adopted a similar mindset now that her rhetoric is essentially indistinguishable from that of many mainstream Evangelical leaders. Wake up!

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