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Southeastern Seminary Graduates Feminist With Pastoral Ministry Degree

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The Southern Baptist Convention is a lost cause—I am fully convinced that it is irreversible, at this point. It would take a serious act of mercy and grace, divine intervention, by God Himself. But I am convinced that is not His purpose for this heathenized denomination.

I’ve been covering the Southern Baptist Convention’s drift for nearly a decade. I’ve watched the denomination under the leadership of far-left political activists placed in strategic positions throughout our institutions who push for various forms of Marxism, social justice, charismaticism, and a plethora of unbiblical teachings. But what I saw today dwarfs all of it. It was such a blatant act of rebellion that it convinced me that those who hold high-ranking offices in the Southern Baptist Convention are not serious people, but clowns who just like to watch Christians suffer.

And worse, they revel in the judgment of God. It is the judgment of God they bring on the Church as we lift our proverbial middle finger to Him in defiance of His holy word.

Today, Under Danny Akin’s leadership, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary graduated a far-left man-hating feminist with a Pastoral Ministry degree.

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There is no excuse for this. None. And this transcends just the fact that a woman can’t be a pastor—that is the official position of the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s far more. This person, Erin Harding, has devoted herself to the far-left Evangelical feminist clan who are hell-bent on destroying biblical complementarianism.

Take a look at a recent tweet she posted about Texas pastor, Tom Buck:

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the video of her strolling across the stage to receive her diploma. I honestly thought it was a deepfake, a joke, satire of some sort. But nope, it was real. The Southern Baptist Convention’s seminaries are now graduating feminist women with pastoral degrees. God help us all!


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