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The Gospel Coalition Lesbian Calls on White Evangelicals to Repent of Their Grandparents’ Racism

by | May 11, 2022 | Apostasy, Feminism, LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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A prominent LGBTQ activist that TGC relentlessly promotes is Rebecca McLaughlin. McLaughlin, herself, openly admits that she is romantically attracted to other women. During this presentation at The Gospel Coalition, she states,

“I’ve been romantically attracted to women since childhood, and if I were not a Christian I’d likely be married to a woman, not a man.”

Now, many of you might say “well, since she’s not acting on her attraction, she isn’t a lesbian. But that notion is far from biblical and it is a rejection of the power of the Holy Spirit to change one’s evil desires. Like most in the “SSA Christian” movement, they have redefined homosexuality to only apply to those who physically act upon it. Per her own words, she still desires women romantically.

McLaughlin isn’t just an LGBTQ activist, she’s also a feminist who treats the Scriptures as a manifesto for Liberation Theology, feminism, and intersectionality. Of course, some have argued that she “describes herself as a complementarian,” and that’s good enough. Let us remind you that Beth Moore describes herself as a complementarian, too. It clearly isn’t true. Let’s look at what she teaches, instead.

Her book, Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion, which won the 2019 TGC award for Apologetics and Evangelism, is nothing more than a proclamation of her twisted theological views which turn Jesus’ death into an act of social justice.

Recently, in a video published by The Gospel Coalition, McLaughlin called on White Evangelicals to repent of their grandparent’s racism.

My second point is that we must repent. And when I say ‘we’ here, I’m speaking as a White Evangelical. The very premise of our question –is ‘woke church’ a stepping stone to theological compromise?- presumes that we are not already theologically compromised. Shawn and I both agree that we are.

But I believe that if we look at the history of our forebearers in the church, we will find a history of profound theological compromise. When it comes to questions of race, we will find a history of slavery, a history of segregation, a history of explicit racial prejudice and discrimination built into our legal systems.

And most tragically, we will find a history of white Christians who look and sound like me, being deeply complicit in this.

Now, you might say, “well, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there when people from …the United Kingdom were transporting millions of enslaved people from Africa to America, I wasn’t there.” You might say “I wasn’t there during the period of Jim Crow laws and segregation,” You might say “I wasn’t there when thousands of black Americans were being lynched while white folk who may have been in church that morning were bringing their kids to watch black people being strung up on trees, and tortured and mutilated. “I wasn’t there.”

You might say “I wasn’t there” when a six-year-old black girl named Ruby Bridges walked into an all-white Elementary School, while hundreds of white parents shouted racial slurs at her, issued death threats against her. And while she God-bless her heart- prayed for their forgiveness because that’s what she’d been raised by her Christian parents to do, you might say “I wasn’t there”.

But you know what? Our parents were. Our grandparents, our great grandparents were. If you like me, are a White Evangelical, this is our tribe, and God have mercy on us if we do not repent.“

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