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Christian Rapper Says He Was Addicted to Drugs While Producing Music for Lecrae’s Label, Reach Records

by | May 11, 2022 | Apostasy, News, Religion, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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We’ve always argued that the gospel music industrial complex is essentially a Christian-themed version of the secular music industry filled with the exact filth and mimicking and driven by the exact same motivators—money and fame. The gospel music industry is a snare that catches people who are caught up in it while it largely blasphemes God and detracts from His glory.

This is particularly true of the Christian hip-hop industry, especially under Lecrae’s label, Reach Records.

Lecrae, who is one of the pioneers of the Christian rap industry, long abandoned the gospel to join the secular hip-hop movement. Lecrae has stated that he doesn’t feel like he belongs in the Church and has given himself over to social justice causes while all but abandoning the name of Christ altogether. Lecrae has endorsed—and been endorsed by—many secular, foul-mouthed, sexually immoral God-hating rap artists and he has made it clear that these are the people he’d rather identify with.

So it comes as no surprise that one of Lecrae’s label artists has admitted to using drugs and “living the high life” while producing music for Lecrae.

In a recent interview with George Rose, an up-and-coming rap artist, Rose made this admission:

After graduating high school in Texas, George started working with two-time Grammy Award-winning PlayNSkillz, as well as Lecrae’s label Reach Records artists – Hulvey and Wande. He was living the high life and trying to fit in with his new claim to fame. His life came crashing down when he moved out of his parent’s home and began taking drugs.

Rose then said that he stopped producing music temporarily and he and his wife became full-time children’s ministers. He said he then knew it was time to get back into music after a voice he said was God asked him “Are you willing to let it all go to follow God?”

For an example of a Christ-honoring Christian producing clean, Christian rap music and who isn’t motivated by money, fame, or fortune, and who uses his gifts to glorify God, check out Kris (Kdub) Williams.

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